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Huawei HDC 2023 to come early, HarmonyOS 4.0 and more



Huawei HDC 2023

Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) 2023 is coming and it may be earlier than expected. The company may have some other plans for the fourth quarter and an advanced developer event would make sense.

According to the information coming from Weibo tipster, Huawei HDC 2023 event could come in August this year. Compared to this, Huawei announced HDC 2022 in the month of October and HDC 2021 in November of the subsequent year.

Yes, there may be some reasons behind organizing an early developer conference. But one thing is for sure the company has already made some good announcements about software technologies.

Huawei HDC 2023

Atomization Service:

It’s also suggested that Huawei may rename Atomic Services to “Meta Services”. Currently, Atomic Services works as user application provided by HarmonyOS. They are installation-free (installed automatically by the application framework in the background) and can offer one or more convenient services for users.

Each Atomic Service has an independent entry for users to easily access, such as by tapping it. For example, the shopping app A, which must be installed in a conventional manner can be redesigned into an installation-free shopping Atomic Service A that offers several convenient services, including goods browsing, shopping cart, and payment.

It is said that the new Atomic Services is upgraded to the next level and powered by heavy AI capabilities. Since the world is blended quite well into AI, Huawei doesn’t want to leave behind.

HarmonyOS 4.0:

Atomic service is a part of the HarmonyOS operating system and the company will unveil HarmonyOS 4.0 at HDC 2023. Therefore, Huawei has installed new features to provide a new user experience.

Yet specific changes for smartphones remain unknown for the moment but HarmonyOS 4.0 will surely headline this massive occasion.

Conducting, Huawei HDC 2023 in August and will pave the way toward the launch of the Huawei Mate 60 series. The first smartphone to pre-pack this new software.

Still, all of this information requires official confirmation and we’ll keep you posted with all of the upcoming inputs.

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