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HarmonyOS 4.0 will launch this fall



HarmonyOS 4 launch this fall

Today, Huawei officially confirmed that HarmonyOS 4.0 operating system will launch this fall. It will bring several new capabilities for all of the platforms including smart cars.

The latest confirmation is coming from Yu Chengdong, CEO of the Consumer BG, the CEO of the Intelligent Automotive Solution BU, and the Director of the Investment Review Board for Smart Devices and Intelligent Automotive Components during the 2023 Huawei Smart Car Solution Conference and the officially released Huawei ADS 2.0.

The chief in charge revealed that this version of HarmonyOS will bring major convenience to smart car companies in building new vehicles with HarmonyOS cockpit.

HarmonyOS 4.0 launch this fall:

Since the announcement was made during an auto solution conference, the revelation and features are all related to the car industry.

The new HarmonyOS will adapt multi-person, multi-device, multi-screen, and multi-sound zone capabilities for cars. It now supports six sound zones and sound positioning.

There was a live comparison with the past two versions. You said that HarmonyOS 4.0 also brings eye tracking and eye state recognition systems. The software now empowers multi-screen, multi-channel dual-way streaming and multi-screen cross-device project. These are the capabilities that are not available in HarmonyOS 2.0 and HarmonyOS 3.0.

Furthermore, the upcoming HMOS will greatly enhance the model learning process for smart cars and help them to learn better about their surrounding.

Wow! It seems like HarmonyOS 4 is going into the multi-verse with so many multi-user control for all passengers.

HarmonyOS 4 launch this fall

HarmonyOS 4 for smartphones

These are the features of the upcoming smart cars but what about smartphones? Currently, the Huawei CBG chief has not revealed anything about phones, tablets, or smartwatches.

However, Huawei launched HarmonyOS 3 in July for smartphones. Therefore, it’s possible to see HarmonyOS 4.0 for smart devices in the same month.

Then, the company will officially introduce the software for smart cars at the Huawei Developer Conference 2023 (HDC 2023).


There is a lot of anticipation and we’ll be waiting for more information about the launch of HarmonyOS 4.0 this fall.

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