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Huawei has installed 27500 communication sites in Nigeria



Huawei 27500 communication sites Nigeria

Huawei is constantly introducing new communication and digital solutions in Nigeria. So far, Huawei has deployed 27500 communication sites in Nigeria to relieve users with a better communication experience.

Accordingly, the tech maker is making some seamless efforts in South Africa. Up to this point, Huawei has launched many programs and solutions that can help Nigeria in the digital, network as well as communication aspects.

In Nigeria, Huawei has uprooted around 27500 communication sites and up to 10,000 km of fiber in the region. Ultimately, this initiative has helped more than 60% population to connect with high-end network facilities.

On the flip side, the respective network systems also help in reducing communication costs. Thus, both network operators and users can enjoy productive and convenient services at minimal rates.

LEAP Program for ICT development

Alongside tech sources, Huawei is also providing knowledge to the Nigerian youth. Recently, the manufacturer has launched an effective digital skills development program (LEAP) and provided 3000+ ICT courses.

LEAP stands for Leadership, Employability, Advancement, and Possibility. Eventually, this program will improve the ICT infrastructure within three years. Thus, Huawei’s digital efforts will give a new face to Nigeria in the time ahead.

Huawei South Africa President – Leo Chen put forth his points on how digitization and ICT development can add more numbers to the growth rate of Nigeria.

“Digitization is deeply rooted in people. Because we digitize for people and by people. When roots are deep, there is no need to fear the wind. Through the LEAP program, we strive to cultivate more youth leaders in ICT who can explore more possibilities for themselves, their families, community, and ultimately their nations.”

Consequently, Huawei will take more actions that can help users in Nigeria to connect better with digitalization. Let’s see what new solutions will the company initiate to enhance digital scenarios in South Africa.

Huawei 27500 communication sites Nigeria


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