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Huawei has increased investment in Smart Car R&D: CEO



Huawei SERES

Huawei Smart Car Business CEO, Yu Chengdong said that Huawei has increased its investment in car maker SERES and Smart Car R&D and not decreased. This is an answer to the rumors surrounding the matter.

Yu told the media that Huawei’s investment in SERES has not decreased, instead, it has increased, and emphasized that under the smart selection mode, the one that benefits the most must be SERES, which is the first cooperation of the Chinese tech maker.

In 2023, the cooperation between Huawei and SERES began a new stage. Earlier this month, some netizens noticed that the logo in the upper right corner of the AITO promo poster is now changed to HUAWEI. Before that, the logo in the upper left corner of the poster was written AITO.

In addition, there was speculation about important changes in the AITO brand’s language, to the effect that the previous “Huawei’s deep empowerment” has been changed to “Huawei’s overall leadership”.

On this matter, Huawei told that it is just a misunderstanding, this move is only to highlight Huawei’s long-term and deep empowerment of AITO’s global brand, and the long-term in-depth cooperation between Huawei and Cyrus has not changed. In the future, these two companies will continue to launch new and more competitive products.

There was also a rumor that the cooperation between these two companies has now come to an end. However, SERES has also debunked this rumor.

SERES wrote that it is working with Huawei in terms of products and subsequent channels. But it is not a joint venture. Also, the rumors of personnel shuffle are not true.

Yu Chengdong mentioned that the cooperative relationship between the two firms has not changed. He anticipates, In the second half of this year, AITO’s new flagship SUV, the M9, will be officially unveiled.

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