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Huawei has a new sci-fi device with ‘Conan’ codename



Huawei new device Conan

Huawei has just wrapped the Pocket S new product launch event. But it looks like the company has saved a few surprises in its bag to reveal later this year. The latest information suggests that Huawei could soon launch a new device codenamed “Conan”.

According to the well-known Weibo tipster @DirectorShiGuan, Huawei has a new product in its hands at this moment. There isn’t much info about this mysterious gadget, except for the codename – Conan.

“Next, Huawei has a new product, which is also very sci-fi”

On the flip side, the term “sci-fi” has made this information more interesting. Eventually, these signs reflect that Huawei is planning a big surprise for its fans and will open it in the next coming month.

Aside from the secretive device, DirectorShiGuan also hints that FreeBuds 5 will soon make its debut on the consumer platform.

Huawei new device Conan

This new device codenamed “Conan” could be a smartwatch

The new product information has become a huge matter of discussion among Huawei fans. Several users bumped into the post’s comment section talking over what could be this new device.

From the user’s perspective, Conan symbolizes a standard watch. Probably, this rumored device could come out as a new wearable. However, we cannot count on this point as Huawei has just unveiled the Watch GT Cyber in the Pocket S launch event.

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After the Pocket S foldable gadget, users are looking for some straight phone models on the ground. And who knows, Huawei could bring this new device – Conan as a budget-friendly handset for its users.

Currently, Huawei’s new product is running on the treadmill of rumors. Alongside, a word from the company’s side is still awaited on this matter. Whatsoever, we will keep you posted with the latest details on this subject. Stay tuned.

Huawei new device Conan


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