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Huawei installs Hertz antennas in Portugal to expand 5G network



Huawei Hertz Portugal 5G

Huawei has installed the Hertz platform antennas in Portugal to extend its 5G network growth. Eventually, this solution will help the operators and industries to improve their network conditions.

Huawei Hertz is the first native FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) 8T8R antenna platform. It comprises numerous reflective technologies that enhance the antenna radiations and increase energy efficiency.

As a result, the operators can easily facilitate basic services of 5G to their consumers with excellent performance and effective energy saving.

Huawei Hertz Antenna – Advantages:

After the deployment of Huawei Hertz in Portugal, the downlink coverage has raised to 4.9dB. Besides, a good effect of this solution is visible in the uplink and downlink rates which have increased by 80% and 30% respectively.

On the other hand, their cell edge rates have been hyped by 40 and 60 percent. Ultimately, these improvements will meet the spectral requirements and enhance the overall user experience.

Huawei Hertz Portugal 5G

It’s worth mentioning that Huawei’s commercial solution has shown rapid growth in the 5G users. As of now, 5G coverage and its services are highly in demand among consumers.

Speaking about the FDD network solutions, it works for both 5G coverage and improving user experience. Consequently, it is the next-generation technology that will help in the evolution of the 5G network.

Rapid Development in 5G

Huawei Antenna Business Unit’s President – Zhao Dong informs the following details regarding the deployment of the Hertz 5G antenna platform in Portugal:

“Huawei Antenna commits to providing the ultimate 5G solution for operations, maximizing deployment efficiency, and spectrum efficiency. The Hertz platform antenna, as the industry’s first FDD 8T8R antenna, will help the operator’s 5G network in developing rapidly”.

So far, Huawei has deployed the FDD 8T8R solution in more than 80 countries. These new solutions will not only bring persistency in 5G growth but will also help the operators to fulfill their demands and requirements.


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