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Huawei HarmonyOS stable rollout started for these six devices



Stable HarmonyOS six devices

Huawei has officially announced HarmonyOS 2.0 stable rollout for these six Huawei and Honor devices in China. The corresponding consumers of the devices can upgrade over HarmonySO 2.0 directly via EMUI or HarmonyOS 2.0 beta testing activity.

The new HarmonyOS 2.0 users of these six devices will get a new user interface design, UI animations, better animations as well as other parts of the UI that will enhance your user experience. You can check these six devices mentioned below.

  1. Huawei Nova 8 SE Vitality Edition
  2. Huawei MediaPad M5 Youth Edition 8-inch
  3. Huawei MediaPad M5 Youth Edition 10.1 inch
  4. Huawei Enjoy Tablet 10.1
  5. Honor Tablet 10.1
  6. Honor Tablet 5.8

Stable HarmonyOS six devices

You can also check the required EMUI version:

Some of these devices require EMUI version to be upgraded to version (Huawei MediaPad M5 Youth Edition 10.1 inches, Huawei Enjoy Tablet 10.1 inches), version upgrade to 2.0. .0.125 (Huawei MediaPad M5 Youth Edition 8 inches) version, (Honor Tablet 5 8 inches), (Honor Tablet 5 10.1 inches) version upgraded to version.

Therefore, these phones and tablets are eligible to receive HarmonyOS version software updates directly from EMUI or existing beta activity.


141 HarmonyOS Devices:

As of today, Huawei has completed HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system installation on 141 Huawei and Honor models consisting of smartphones, tablets, and smart screens (smart TVs).

Under the latest development, the rollout of stable HarmonyOS 2.0 for these six devices has now enabled stable release for all of the 141 Huawei and Honor models, as some of them were still under beta testing.

Furthermore, HarmonyOS installation has reached over 150 million installations as of October this year and the company expects to grow this mart to over 200 million by then of 2021.

For the time being, HarmonyOS operating system remains limited for Chinese consumers and only available for Chinese branded devices. However, a recent report suggests that this mobile OS could enter the global market in 2022.

Notes for upgrade:

  • Before upgrading the public beta version, please back up your important mobile phone data and confirm that the backup content is complete and effective to avoid data loss due to data incompatibility or other unexpected conditions after the upgrade.
  • Before upgrading the public beta version, please make sure that the current version of your phone is on the baseline version (see 2. Adapted models for details).
  • It is recommended that the mobile phone reserve 10G of internal storage space to avoid possible inability to upgrade due to lack of space. (Check storage space method: Settings> Storage).
  • Please make sure that your mobile phone is not ROOT.

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