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Huawei HarmonyOS PC could support significant GPU upgrades



HarmonyOS PC GPU upgrades

Huawei fans have locked their eyes on the dedicated computer software – HarmonyOS PC and a new input suggests that this OS may bring major upgrades for the GPU aspects. Also, the PC software may be independent just like HarmonyOS NEXT.

Weibo tipster @FixedFocus has shared new insights regarding Huawei HarmonyOS PC and said that the respective software has completed the development phase for a long time. Besides, there aren’t any signs of the Android ecosystem in it.

Perhaps, the Chinese tech giant is considering a brand new OS for its computers, which is likely to be distinct from the traditional software infrastructure. In addition, the tipster noted that Huawei is readying big moves for the HarmonyOS PC with significant GPU upgrades.

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is a computer chip that looks after the graphics rendering and images by performing quick arithmetic calculations. It can process many data pieces and makes them useful for video editing, gaming apps, and more.

It is unclear what exactly the company is planning with GPU upgrades for HarmonyOS PC. Yet, Huawei may integrate new CPU and GPU components with proficient capabilities, into the self-developed computer software for a productive experience throughout the device.

Adding more details, the tipster said that Huawei PCs will gain amazing features and capabilities this year. The changes will not only show up in design, chips, and OS but also in other prominent aspects.

HarmonyOS PC GPU upgrades

Kirin PC chip is also in the pipeline!

Earlier, the same tipster dropped a report for the alleged Kirin PC specs and said that the processor may adopt:

  • 4 x Taishan large cores
  • 4 x Taishan mid-cores
  • 2 x large cores of NPU (Ascend Lite)
  • 2 x micro cores of NPU (Ascend Mini)

On the other hand, this PC chipset hearsay to support GPU Maleoon 910 8-10cu paired with 32GB RAM and 2TB SSD storage. Everything combined, several new products in the Huawei PC category may unveil this year. However, we need some official statements on this matter to mark confirmation.


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