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Huawei GaussDB and ICBC centralized database won award



Huawei Cloud Accelerator

Recently, Huawei Cloud GaussDB and ICBC were awarded the database benchmark case in the sixth big data “Galaxy” case collection activity for its traditional centralized database transformation solution.

The big data “Galaxy” case collection activity is jointly organized by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and the Big Data Technical Standards Promotion Committee of the China Communications Standards Association.

Large-scale development, covering five major directions of industry data application, data security, privacy computing, data asset management, and the database has been held for six consecutive sessions so far.

This year’s “Galaxy” case collection activity included the database direction for the first time. The joint solution of Huawei Cloud GaussDB and ICBC stood out among many participating cases, providing a practical reference for the distributed transformation of databases in the financial industry.

This joint innovation of ICBC and Huawei Cloud GaussDB has verified the feasibility of transforming traditional centralized databases to distributed databases and enabled a technical benchmark for core system transformation in the financial industry.

Similarly, Huawei Cloud GaussDB will also continue to cooperate with ICBC to jointly carry out deeper technical research and jointly build a new fintech ecosystem!

GaussDB is a primary product of Huawei Cloud enterprise-level distributed database that focuses on the core business load of government and enterprises.

It adopts an industry-leading fully parallel distributed architecture, supports 1000+ large distributed clusters and PB-level massive storage and is capable of handling massive concurrent transaction processing and complex The ability to query mixed loads and excellent financial-level high-availability commercial capabilities.

It provides a variety of high-availability solutions such as cross-AZ in the same city, three centers in two places, and zero data loss, and fully meets financial-level regulatory requirements.

It gets you data from the transmission, and computing The entire process from storage to storage is encrypted to protect the security of data throughout the life cycle and has passed the international CC EAL4+ certification in the database field, which is the highest level of certification currently obtained by Chinese databases in this field.

GaussDB also provides enterprise-level database services with comprehensive functions, stability and reliability, strong scalability, and powerful performance.

Huawei GaussDB ICBC

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