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Isochronous Dual Channel Bluetooth update expanding for Huawei FreeBuds 3 global users



Last month, Huawei started testing a new feature call ‘Isochronous Dual Channel Synchronized‘ for its wireless earbuds – Huawei FreeBuds 3.

The dual-channel synchronized technology allows two headsets to receive the left and right audio channels directly from a smart device.

For over a month, the feature remained under beta testing exclusively for the Chinese users and now the global users started receiving it via the latest software update.

Update information linked below.


CHANGELOG and Version:


  • Your device now supports isochronous dual-channel Bluetooth transmission via Bluetooth.


  • Improves the success rate of charging.
  • Improves Bluetooth connection stability.

This new update for Huawei FreeBuds 3 comes with version and 2.01 MB size.

Note: This update is rolling out in batches, so it may take some time/days to reach your FreeBuds 3

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What is Isochronous Dual Channel transmission:


Huawei’s self-developed dual-channel synchronized technology allows two headsets to receive the left and right audio channels directly from a smart device while facilitating direct communication between the device and the two headsets without interference.

The dual-channel synchronous transmission mode uses leads to latency remains ultra-low down to 190ms, making FreeBuds 3 the perfect wireless earbud for gamers who want instant acoustic feedback for an immersive gaming experience.


  1. Open the AI Life app.
  2. Make sure the earphones have been connected to your phone and earphones are placed inside the charging case, leave the charging case open, then select the corresponding card for your earphones to access the device home screen.
  3. Touch Check for updates.
  4. If an update is available, touch UPDATE.
  5. Wait until the update is complete.
  6. After the update is complete, close the charging case and wait for 10 minutes for the case to be automatically updated.


  1. Please ensure that the battery levels of both the earbuds and the charging case are higher than 30% before updating.
  2. Put both earbuds into the charging case, keep the case open and press and hold the button on the charging case for more than 10 seconds until the inner indicator light flashes red. Then pair the earbuds with your phone again before charging and updating.
  3. Before updating, please put both earbuds into the charging case and keep the case open until the update is complete.

Thanks, Ebrahim for the tip.

Amy is our firmware and software specialist, she keeps her eagle eyes open for new software rollouts, beta programs, and other software related activities as well as new smartphone launch.


Huawei Mate 40E begin obtaining HarmonyOS 3 beta update



Huawei Mate 40E series HarmonyOS 3 beta

Huawei begins releasing the major HarmonyOS 3 beta update for the Huawei Mate 40E series device, right after accomplishing the second HarmonyOS 3 beta 2 rollout for the first batch of devices.

Huawei Mate 40E series devices users can now experience a more personalized display layout with a furthermore privacy security feature, that forces your device to serve a secure status for a more transparent and controllable. Alongside this, managing data protection is more secure and easier.

Adapted models:

Mate 40E Pro NOH-AN50
Mate 40E OCE-AN50
Mate 40E 4G OCE-AL50

Huawei Mate 40E users can now explore the new phase with the new version of their smartphone. The HarmonyOS 3 beta version can be known through the build, which is upgraded over the HarmonyOS build.


However, the HarmonyOS 3 beta version of the Huawei Mate 40E series users are blessed with the latest software update to redesign the overall memorandum of the feature and give them a fresh start. Below you can check the complete changelog that will incorporate into your device.

Huawei Mate 40E series HarmonyOS 3 beta


New Interaction:

  • Stackable: you can view cards by swiping up and down, or by pulling down and then swiping left to delete, you can also drag to change the order of the cards or add them to the desktop.
  • Combinable: You can combine cards of different sizes and application shortcuts into one. Cards and combined cards can be resized, and you can apply combined templates with a single click.
  • Smart folder: There are additional sizes and styles available, and you can change the size by long-pressing the folder. You can always find the right one, no matter how much or how little you apply. Storage options, as well as more efficient use of desktop space
  • Smart desktop layout: Kneading the desktop intelligently layouts the desktop, you can categorize applications and cards by color and function, and one-click selection generates a personalized desktop automatically.
  • Xiaoyi: Xiaoyi recommends continuous wisdom upgrading and can dynamically recommend services or applications based on time, scene, location, and usage habits, among other things, providing you with a time-saving and convenient experience.

Full-scene smart life:

  • Super terminal: Hyperterminal has been fully expanded to support more device types, various devices can be flexibly combined, interconnected, and coordinated, and devices with different Huawei IDs can also be quickly interconnected, allowing the benefits of each device to be freely invoked.
  • Broadcast control center: Support for connecting two pairs of Bluetooth headphones at the same time has been added, for one song, two people can enjoy and listen to the beauty together, in addition, a multi-device broadcast control function has been added, which can conveniently control the music playback of nearby speakers through the mobile phone’s broadcast control center.

Performance and power consumption:

  • Superframe game engine: The superframe game engine has been improved further, and energy consumption has been reduced by intelligently scheduling CPU and memory resources.

Privacy and security:

  • Privacy center: Provides you with access to all application permissions in the General dashboard, as well as proactive privacy protection suggestions for potential risks You are aware that for all visits
  • Security Center: You can check the security status of the current device or other devices with the same Huawei ID at any time, proactively assisting you in identifying problems and providing protection The device is said to be safer and more reliable.


  • Visual Aid: Image description and text recognition functions have been added, which can report the characteristics and positions of people or objects recognized in the scene, the text content recognized in the reading environment, describing people appearing in the camera lens, and so on.
  • Hearing Aid: Supports quick connection with hearing aids, You can quickly discover nearby hearing aid devices through Bluetooth and easily pair and connect. Added vocal enhancement function, which optimizes the sound by enhancing the clarity of the human voice in the environment, calls, and media to make the sound heard more clearly.


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Huawei EMUI July 2022 update released for P40 Lite in Europe



Huawei P40 lite July 2022 update

The EMUI 12-based July 2022 security patch is bang on the eligible Huawei devices around the globe, and in the meantime, it hits Huawei P40 Lite users in the European markets.

Hence, updates are a monthly procedure for the device’s betterment, users should have to take part interestingly for providing a diagnosis to their device for a run and a smooth inner working.

While talking about the changelog, it shows that the update brings system security according to the EMUI July 2022 security patch fixes for Huawei P40 Lite. Notably, the July patch gives you a certain number of fixes from different levels of CVEs.

You can identify it via the mentioned EMUI (C432E5R6P2) build version. So, if you are a Huawei P40 Lite ( JNY-LX1) user then this latest update is all yours.


Huawei P40 Lite July 2022 update

How to update:

Download via Settings:

  • Launch Settings
  • Hit on the System & Updates
  • Open Software update
  • Click on Check for updates option
  • If an update is available, click on Download and install
  • After installation Reboot the device

Download via My Huawei app:

  • Open the My Huawei app on your device
  • Visit the Update
  • Follow the on-screen instructions

Huawei P40 lite July 2022 update

What fixes does July 2022 update bring:

I also owned a Huawei P40 lite and have already updated to the most recent version on my smartphone. I noticed that this update eliminated all lag and latency issues. And make my device provide an error-free experience.

Before, the update release, the smartphone starts degrading on-screen functioning but soon after installing the July 2022 security patch is experienced a lot of changes and improvements that help the device patch the security gap.


We recommend you download and install this new release as soon as it reaches to you, for a better user experience. On the other hand, the August 2022 security patch is pending release for the eligible devices.


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WoW! Huawei Watch GT 2 gets August 2022 update with system stability improvements



Huawei Watch gt 2 august 2022 update

Yes, it’s a wow moment, that Huawei is rolling out a new software update for the Watch GT 2 smartwatch with August 2022 optimizations. Even after four years of launch, Huawei continues to nourish this smartwatch with the latest software features and optimizations.

Huawei is rolling out Watch GT 2 August 2022 software update with software version and you’ll have to download a big package size of 75 megabytes, which is quite heavy firmware for a smartwatch.

According to the changelog, the latest Watch GT 2 update comes with System optimizations for a better user experience that consists of various improvements for features and applications. However, the firmware section doesn’t contain any new additions.

Back in March, Huawei sent firmware version for the Watch GT 2 lineup (initial) and the company expanded the update for more users around the globe. The update then installed important optimization for sleep monitoring along with new stability improvements.


Will expand:

The rollout is currently in progress and will expand in the coming days or weeks. If you don’t receive the update notification keep on checking for it via the Huawei Helth app. Once launched, you need to navigate to the app’s device section and then select your Watch GT 2, followed by the firmware updates options.

Tap on it, and the phone will start checking for the latest firmware update for your Watch GT 2 smartwatch.

Furthermore, there are a few safety notes that you can take a look at before proceeding with the installation process.

  1. For a better user experience, we recommend you update your Huawei Health app to the latest version.
  2. Keep your smartwatch close to the connected smartphone and do not disable the Bluetooth connection between both devices.
  3. The entire upgrade process may take some minutes as the OTA package requires time to transfer from the smartphone to the smartwatch.
  4. The device will automatically start after the upgrade procedure is completed.

Huawei Watch gt 2 august 2022 update

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