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Huawei Eyewear 2 sunglasses launched with 11 hours music playback, smart weather forecast, and more



Huawei Eyewear 2 sunglasses launched

The wait is over and Huawei has launched the Eyewear 2 sunglasses at the Summer 2024 new product conference. Iconic and smart glasses show up on the stage with a classy style and more photogenic look that easily draws the attention of young customers.

So without any ados, let’s explore the new eye-wearable!

Top Features

  • Photogenic Outlook
  • Strong battery life
  • 11 hours of music playback
  • Better material quality
  • UV400 protective lenses


Huawei has launched the Eyewear 2 sunglasses with a square-frame design and it weighs 43.0 grams. It uses gloss black oversized frames and temples. The company has crafted the glasses with fine chrome-plated corner flowers and extraordinary texture.

Huawei Eyewear 2 sunglasses launched

Huawei Eyewear 2 sunglasses (Image Credits: Huawei)

The Chinese OEM integrated an accelerometer, gyroscope, and a capacitive sensor into the device. In terms of data connections, the glasses support Bluetooth 5.3.

Users can tune on to their favorite songs till 11 hours or initiate voice calls for 9 hours on a single charge. Although this will only work with settings like 60% volume, AAC model, ambient temperature, and some other internal factors of the glasses.

You can opt for specific controls via the following gestures:

  • Tap: A twice-tap gesture on the left/right temples will answer or hang up calls, pause or play music, and activate settings to wake the voice assistant.
  • Slide: A slide gesture on the left/right sticks will adjust the volume and can also switch to the previous or the next song.
  • Press: Long press on the left/right legs to reject incoming calls. Long press at the same time while wearing to initiate pairing.
Huawei Eyewear 2 sunglasses launched

Huawei Eyewear 2 sunglasses (Image Credits: Huawei)

Huawei Eyewear 2 sunglasses sports call noise reduction as well as private listening. It has a co-directional dual-diaphragm large-amplitude moving coil unit × 2. 30 × 6 × 4.8 mm. The device also packs a 110mAh cell and supports USB Type-C charging.

Note that it only takes 50 minutes to re-energize the device. Eyewear 2 sunglasses have also obtained an IP54 rating. But something more amazing is UV400’s ability.

UV400 protection lenses: The sunglasses have the UV400 protection mode which effectively blocks UV rays and protects your eyes from harmful light when you are in an outer environment. It is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Cervical Spine Health 2.0 is also available which keeps an eye on your head’s bad posture and alerts you to remain in a good position. The new sunglasses cost 2299 yuan and will hit the sale stage on May 24. Till then, you can reserve them from Huawei Mall.

Huawei Eyewear 2 sunglasses (Image Credits: Huawei)

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