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HarmonyOS native app development completed for over 70 games, says Huawei



HarmonyOS native app development 70 games

HarmonyOS NEXT has made its way to the launch stage and Huawei is constantly sharing notes regarding its rapid progress. At present, the Huawei Developer Alliance Service announced that over 70 games have reached the HarmonyOS native app development completion.

Adding more details, around 60 game partners have entered the HarmonyOS ecosystem to boost their applications with proficient features. Eventually, HarmonyOS NEXT will add a layer of fluency, immersive visual renderings, and smoother performance like never before.

Consequently, HarmonyOS native game development includes a variety of gaming applications. For instance role-playing, puzzles, business-oriented, action-packed, shooting, and more. Huawei aims to cover a vast range of gaming apps and provide benefits in every aspect.

In terms of experience, Huawei and gaming partners believe that the HarmonyOS NEXT-based apps will unfold interactive and innovative gameplay for users. One will encounter boastful performance and more responsive operations.

HarmonyOS native app development 70 games

On the other hand, the seamless controls and productive features will enable users to spend long hours with their favorite gaming application, without any interruption.

The information reveals that partners like Shanghai Youka Network, Zilong Games (ZlonGame), Thunder Games, Giant Network, Zhongxu Future, Youku Shengshi, FunPlus, and took part in the HarmonyOS Eco Game Cooperation ceremony.

Meanwhile, 18 applications like Dawn of Defence, Snake Fight, Three Kingdoms, Plant vs. Zombies, and more have started the HarmonyOS native app development.

More than 70 games have already completed the HarmonyOS native app development. Whereas, new partners are joining the HarmonyOS gaming platform to provide their customers with immense benefits. It is just the beginning and Huawei will extend its hand to more developers to accelerate the HarmonyOS ecosystem development.


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