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Huawei Enterprises agenda is ready for MWC 2023



Huawei Enterprises has confirmed its appearance at the upcoming MWC Barcelona 2023 in advance including industry and technology sessions. At the event, Huawei will bring various new enterprise products and announcements for the industry partners.

Huawei Enterprises will be at MWC 2023 with the following agenda:

  • February 27, 10-11: Find the Right Technologies to Drive Global Energy Transition.
  • February 27, 12-13: Accelerate the Digital Journey of Education.
  • February 27, 16-17:30 – Accelerate Change: Shaping Smarter, Greener Finance Together.
  • February 28, 10:30–12:00 Leading Digital Infrastructure, New Value for Industry
  • February 28, 10:00-11:15 Grow with Carrier Partners to Enjoy Future Success
  • February 28, 13:30–15:00 Simplify Networks to Build a Digital Foundation for a Superior Experience
  • February 28, 14:00–15:00 Storage for Any Application
  • February 28, 16:00–17:00 Unleash Digital for Fresh Value with Everything as a Service
  • February 28, 16:00–17:00 F5G Evolution: Unleash Green Digital Technologies

huawei enterprises mwc 2023

The event will be joined by speakers including David Wang, Huawei Executive Director of the Board, Chairman of the ICT infrastructure Managing Board. Also, Chen Benghua, VP, Enterprise BG of Huawei. There are other important Huawei officials Liu Jianning, President of the Global Enterprise Network Marketing & Solutions Sales Department.

During the event, Huawei will focus on public service, finance, electric power, oil and gas, transportation, manufacturing, and ISP. Huawei will also promote cooperation with many industry partners.

Is this a consumer event?

It’s not a consumer event but it’s expected that the tech maker will launch new products at MWC 2023. Read more below.

Huawei is planning big for MWC 2023: Report

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