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Etisalat Emirates and Huawei to launch private mobile network




The Etisalat Emirates, which launched its updated corporate identity under the brand “Etisalat from E&E”, announced the successful deployment and testing of the fifth generation MEC (Multi-Access Terminal Computing) private and mobile network in cooperation with Huawei.

The project falls within the framework of the program to spread the commercial uses of independent fifth-generation networks and multi-access terminal computing and to enable the Etisalat Emirates to provide an alternative to traditional virtual private networks based on the fifth generation. This contributes to enhancing the remote work experience and provides access to the workplace from anywhere and at any time. For all companies and businesses in the UAE.

The reality of increasing reliance on distance work and learning at the global level imposes the need to enhance network accessibility, provide reliable networks, and improve the user experience, as communities in cities and rural areas depend on easily accessible networks, which provide a high-speed connection to public resources such as Health care and social services.

The ultra-accessible mobile 5G private network solution enables a seamless transition between public and private networks for faster data transmission and delivery and enhanced security of services in various economic activities.

Khaled Al-Suwaidi, Senior Vice President of Networks and Digital Platforms at E&B, said: “The deployment and testing of the network will play a key role in providing a seamless experience for consumers and enterprises by enabling innovative 5G services in the areas of public safety, gaming, education, healthcare, and more. The test comes In line with our vision that aims to enhance digital services, improve the digital lifestyle in the long term, and achieve digital transformation in government institutions, companies, the business community, and projects, our cooperation with Huawei, the world leader in this field, and our continuous investments in 5G networks enabled our vision that aims to enable The digital ecosystem of companies and institutions.”

Gavin Wang, President of Telecom Business Relationships at Huawei Technologies, said: “We are pleased to provide standalone 5G networks and to showcase the capabilities of the modern 3GPP Rel-16 technology that supports multiple transmission points. We look forward to continuing to support Etisalat From &e and enable it to achieve digital transformation in line with its vision that aims to provide the best innovations in smart connectivity and innovative digital”


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