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Huawei dominates China’s wearable band market in Q1 2022



huawei wearable band q1 2022

The slowdown in the smartphone market has brought in new opportunities for Huawei and the company is making efforts in the consumer product including the smart band market. According to a recent market report, Huawei has achieved the top wearable band market share in China for the Q1 2022 timespan.

Market researcher Canalys has published a report on top wearable band vendors in Mainland China for the first quarter of 2022. In Q1 2022, Huawei grabbed a 33 percent market share with a 12 percent on-year decline but the company remains on top of the wearable band market.

Xiaomi comes next with 17 market shares and a 12 percent market loss as compared to last year. XTC is third with a 17 percent share with 26% market losses. Fourth is Apple with an 8 percent market share and over 20 percent market growth and it’s only the top 5 lists that have seen growth in the last year. Last and the fifth place is occupied by Honor with over 64 percent negative growth and 5 percent market share.

huawei wearable band q1 2022

Global Market:

Other than this, the global wearable band shipment has fallen by 3 percent to 41.7 million units in the first quarter of 2022. This could be the transition of consumers that continues to transition to the smartwatch.

Talking more on this matter, the global wearable band market is dominated by Apple with 2 market share and over 21 percent on-year growth rate. Second is Huawei which has an 11 percent share and a 5 percent decline. Third ranks Xiaomi with 10 percent unit shares and a massive 41 percent decline.

Fourth Samsung has 8 percent with a 2 percent negative decline.

“Although Huawei’s wearable business performed well, ranking second, Huawei’s shipments were still on a downward trend as the smartphone business shrunk.” wrote Canalys.

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