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Huawei developed the first 5G smart production unit in Brazil



Huawei Brazil 5G unit

Huawei has recently built the first 5G smart production unit, which is located in Jundiai, Brazil. As per the information, this manufacturing factory has equipped with technologies including AI, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

In this factory, Huawei fully supports intelligent smart product development and is oriented toward electronic manufacturing services. Here, the whole product line is linked to the 5G network, and several applications based on 5G technology are used at the factory.

Huawei Brazil 5G smart unit can also be called an intelligent and advanced production unit. To monitor the production process, the factory has installed AI cameras and all data are collected and uploaded to Cloud, reducing quality inspection time and improving the efficiency and reliability of product testing.

Huawei Brazil 5G unit

Further, the AR glasses are used to help maintain machines and operations centers understand equipment information in real-time. For your information, Huawei has completed this factory in November 2022. After more than three months of testing, it has been proved that the production efficiency of the production unit has been greatly improved.

With the progress of intelligent transformation in the manufacturing industry, various technologies such as AI, wireless transmission, and sensing continue to enter. These technologies have brought huge changes in the manufacturing industry, and the most important point is the visualization of data.

Through the data mining and application of these data, there will be a qualitative change in the way enterprises produce, operate, as well as manage.

(Via: ithome)

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