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Huawei declares war on malware, says no to junk software and rogue apps



Huawei Malware Software Apps

Huawei Consumer Business Groups CEO Yu Chengdong have announced that the company will deny the use of junk software and rogue apps to prevent the devices from malware including app gallery.

Who likes a gadget which reportedly lags due to malware. It is not only a hindrance to the internal system but also a threat to the user’s security as well as privacy. Huawei understands users’ concerns and hence decided to take a major step regarding it.

Consequently, the company decided to clear the path that results in the rise of malware in the handy devices. Huawei says that it will not rely on the clutter of software and apps that will immensely bring malware to the system.

This will simultaneously help in reducing the tiny curbs that block the way to an efficient system. For instance, malicious background pop-ups, lock screen pop-ups, fake tabs, and more.

Ye Chengdong Words on Malware

The CEO of Huawei smart devices recently added two messages showing his agitation over malware. He states that the Chinese firm has always looked forward in the direction of users’ righteousness. Besides, for the company, nothing is more important than the protection of privacy and security of its consumers.

“My team and I attach great importance to the problem that malware seriously affects the experience of using mobile phones and resolutely crack down on any behavior that damages the rights and interests of consumers. We also call on industry partners to say “no” to such illegal software and jointly protect the rights and interests of consumers.”

On the flip side, Chengdong also suggested that users can contact the Huawei helpline number. Further, they can visit the Huawei authorized experience stores or service centers that will specifically clean the device and software.

Huawei Malware Software Apps

This seems a good decision from the company side. Since those who know how to aid their smartphones through malware don’t meet many obstacles. However, there are still some elderly users who get trapped in this defective problem.


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