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Huawei Cyberverse (Hetu) ranked first in map positioning contest



Huawei Cyberverse map positioning

Huawei Cyberverse (Hetu) has recently participated in the map positioning academic event and ranked first position. The latest information reveals that this was the first time when Cyberverse participated in a contest and came out with flying colors.

For your information, Huawei Cyberverse (Hetu) is a technology board that integrates various functionalities. For instance, 3D ultra-high definition maps, spatial computing, better artificial intelligence, and situation-understanding capabilities.

The Chinese manufacturer launched this invention in HDC 2019. Besides, the input reveals that Huawei Cyberverse provides valuable services and immense benefits to virtual world users.

Recently, the ECCV 2022 conference (one of the top international conferences in computing aspect) organized the map positioning competition. Various tech makers with their innovations participated in this event.

Consequently, Huawei Cyberverse won this ultimate map positioning competition. The Chief Engineer of Huawei Fellow Hetu and the Chief Engineer of the camera – Luo Wei posted the information on his Weibo channel sharing his happiness with consumers.

Huawei Cyberverse map positioning

Luo said that in this 0.1-meter positioning accuracy (CM level) project, Hetu achieved a 98.1 percent of advantage, and is leading the second position by more than 50% points (the second position is 46.1%). Moreover, the personality said:

“I feel that the game is over and the score is too high.”

Huawei Cyberverse (Hetu)

As mentioned, Huawei brought the Hetu technology into the real world in 2019. Thereafter, the company launched the first Hetu technology-based commercial product – Huawei AR Map.

Huawei AR Map includes GPS satellite positioning, AR Engines, Huawei augmented reality engine, wireless network positioning, and more self-developed solutions. And just like the Cyberverse, AR Map can also easily associate with the virtual and digital fields and can offer various beneficial services.

Slowly and steadily, Huawei has begun achieving new goals. It would be worth seeing what else the company will obtain in the time ahead.

Huawei Cyberverse map positioning


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