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Huawei AICTO jointly conducted first Africa 5G Summit



Huawei Africa 5G Summit

Huawei and AICTO (Arab Information and Communication Technology Organization) have jointly conducted the first Africa 5G Summit in Bangkok, Thailand to bridge the gap between the region and the prominent 5G market.

Several organizations, government officials, operators, and consumers attended this meeting. Besides, they shared their thoughts and opinions on 5G planning, business practices, 4G and 5G network construction, and some other significant factors.

In other words, the main objective of the Huawei Africa 5G Summit was to discuss the 5G growth and development in Africa. Further, how to give a dynamic start to the 5G activities in the respective region.

So far, 5G has become an essential element in the digital economy. Hence, it is important to look at the major aspects that can support the 5G services and can benefit the operators and consumers at the same time.

Moreover, it’s a fact that 5G technology and solutions have the power to open new doors of opportunities in enterprises. Ultimately, this will lead to stable and innovative digitalization growth in the country.

Consequently, Huawei and AICTO came together to help Africa in developing 5G concepts. AICTO Secretary-General – Mohamed Ben Amor states that the organization is always active to aid African regions and promote regional digital transformation. Alongside this, it will associate with the ICT sectors to raise the 5G facilities.

Huawei Africa 5G Summit

Africa to bring 5G era in 2023

Alternatively, Huawei has given assurance that Africa will introduce a new 5G era in its boundaries by 2023. Further, the Chinese manufacturer said that it will accelerate its investment in Africa. Thus, this will support the steady development of 5G and facilitate digital transformation.

“In Africa, For Africa,” Huawei said this phrase in its closing keynote. Besides, it promises to increase its partnership with African cooperations and other industry partners. Eventually, this will enable African operators to achieve business success in the 5G era.


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