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Huawei could introduce 7 new Kirin chips for flagship models



Huawei 7 Kirin chips flagship

A new leak regarding the Huawei Kirin subject hints that the Chinese tech maker could introduce 7 new chips for its flagship models. Eventually, the company seems to be working on boosting the Kirin chipset production this year.

Weibo tipster @FixedFocus says that Huawei is reportedly working on at least 7 new Kirin chips for flagship devices. Currently, these processors are in the research and development phase. Though the company could launch them in the time ahead.

In addition, the tipster shared a list of device categories that might equip new chipsets this year. The list counts as 2 processors for notebooks, 2 chips for the Nova handsets, 1 brand new chipset for the Huawei P-series, and 2 chips for the Mate lineup.

The post doesn’t read any specifics about these alleged chips. But in recent times, we found many rumors regarding new Kirin processors in the pipeline. Two of them are Kirin 9000SH and Kirin PC chipsets. Thus, we could assume that the work is in progress.

Huawei 7 Kirin chips flagship

Huawei Nova Series:

On December 26, Huawei launched the Nova 12 series with 2 new chips: Kirin 8000 and Kirin 9000SL. The former is for mid-range with efficient performance whereas, the latter appears as a downclocked version of the Kirin 9000 chip and is perfect for the Ultra model.

But clues say that there are 2 more chips on the way for the Nova series. Though it is unclear whether the tipster mentioned about newly launched models or some upcoming offerings.

Huawei P-series:

Earlier, we reported that the standard Huawei P70 has tested the Kirin 9000S chipset. Meanwhile, the other two top-end models in the lineup are likely to bring the new Kirin 9010 processor that remained a secret for three years.

As per the reports, this chip could use a 3nm process technology with powerful capabilities and a significant performance boost. Yet, we need more details to confirm this segment.

Huawei Mate Series:

The Mate 70 lineup is hearsay to launch in the second half of this year with iconic features and characteristics. Perhaps, the company may reveal two new chips with this premium smartphone series. A few netizens even predicted that the Mate 70 Ultimate Design variant could have an exclusive Kirin processor.

Some other netizens also said that chips like Kirin 9000A and Kirin 9000W could show up in the coming weeks. At present, things are spinning around rumors and we need more details to mark confirmation on these headlines.


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