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Huawei could force Apple to rename ‘Vision Pro’



Huawei Apple Vision Pro

Apple has recently launched its super expensive $3500 Vision Pro mixed reality head-mounted headset but it seems like the iPhone maker may have to rename this product something else in China because of Huawei.

So, what’s the matter?

On May 16, 2019, Huawei successfully authorized the “Vision Pro” product trademark in China. This was about 4 years ago and Apple is unlikely to claim this name. According to the patent application, Huawei’s Vision Pro trademark has registration number 38242888. This application has exclusive rights of trademark use from November November 28, 2021, to November 27, 2031.

This patent explains Huawei’s Vision Pro trademark under product and services, LCD TVs, head-mounted virtual reality devices, radio devices, and more. Below you can check the full classification categories.

Handprint testing machines, switches, electronic signal transmitters, transmitters (telecommunication), radio equipment, modems, videophones, signal repeaters, mobile phone belts, smartphones, program-controlled telephone exchange equipment, speakers, audio video receivers, microphones, sound transmitters, televisions, video cameras, headphones, portable media players, digital photo frames. Headphones, gas detectors, wearable activity trackers, smartphone cases, smartphones cases, online bracelets (measuring instruments), intercom vehicle-mounted TVs, video monitors, special brackets for mobile phones, ultra-high-definition TVs, LCD TVs, digital door locks, central alarms, face recognition equipment, with body mass analyzers Scales, weighing scales, smartphone screens, set-top boxes, biochips, electronic keys (remote controls), portable digital electronic scales, electric and electronic effects for mobile phones and musical instruments, audio interfaces, equalizers (audio devices), head-mounted Virtual reality devices, pad sticks, wrist-worn smartphones, non-medical monitoring devices, security monitoring robots, wearable video displays, laboratory robots, teaching robots, communication devices in the form of jewelry, and network communication devices.

Huawei Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro:

Vision Pro lets users interact with digital content similar to the real world. It features a high-resolution display system with 23 million pixels across two displays. The entire device is powered by custom Apple silicon.

Huawei did it Intentionally?

The Vision Pro trademark by Huawei has nothing to do with Apple. To clarify, the Chinese tech maker already has different lineups of “Vision” products including Vision smart eyeglasses and its popular Vision smart TVs. These products are launched way before Apple Vision Pro. Hence, it has nothing to do with intention here.


Yes, there’s a high chance that Apple will have to rename the product specifically in China due to trademark infringement. But, this scenario might not apply to global markets.

To be mentioned, Apple will release this expensive headset next in the US and its availability in China is yet to be confirmed. So, there’s plenty of time for Apple to rename it with a different price tag.


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