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Huawei could bring V-Pencil for Mate V foldable, applied for trademark



Huawei Mate V-Pencil

Aside from smartphones or tablets, Huawei also takes care of compatible accessories with the devices. Not a long we heard about the company’s first flip-style phone named Huawei Mate V, which is likely to be launch by the end of the year.

A new heading stirs the news when LetsGoDigital has spotted a new Huawei trademark that might be filled for the Mate V-Pencil. As per the info, Huawei applied for a new trademark in European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) on 4th October.

This application for the trademark name- Huawei V-Pencil is currently under review phase which will take a while before passing. In addition, it is categorized as class 9 with the description includes the following uses cases

  1. Electronic pens
  2. Computer stylus
  3. Liquid crystal display
  4. Digital signal processors
  5. Electronic visual display pens
  6. Touch screen pens
  7. Mouse as computer peripheral
  8. Tablet pens
  9. Infrared detectors
  10. Touch screens Sensors

Huawei Mate V-Pencil

(Huawei V-Pencil Trademark Document, Image from LetsGoDigital)

The description summarises that Huawei is preparing to introduce a new stylus for its touch screens, probably for Mate V flip. In case, there could be more Huawei foldable that will come with this pen in the coming time.

As of now, this Shenzhen-based firm has two Huawei M-Pencil of 1st and 2nd generation. Among them, the recently launched is compatible with the MatePad series tablets. furthermore, it offers magnetic attraction and wireless charging supports.

Besides, the Huawei Mate V that previously comes into the light for its trademark and design patent could debut this year. It indicates that by the time users will also get to see this new Huawei M-Pencil. We aren’t over here, and keep you posted with further updates, so stay tuned with us.

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