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Huawei continues to lead Chinese tablet market in Q1 2024, Apple remains in second spot



Huawei Q1 2024 Chinese tablet market

Huawei has once again become the king of the Chinese tablet market in the Q1 2024 listing and left Apple behind. The tech giant achieved this crown in the fourth quarter of last year and continued to flaunt it among other vendors in the native region.

IDC (International Data Corporation) has released the Q1 2024 Chinese tablet market report where Huawei has obtained the first spot. Meanwhile, Apple is still standing in the second rank with a drop of more than 10% in China’s market share.

The MatePad developer shipped a total of 2.59 million units in the first three months of this year. Note that progress in the smartphone business ultimately helped the Chinese tech giant to climb the success road in the tablet franchise as well.

Compared to last year (same period) Huawei’s market share increased by 10.6% and procured 36.3% of space in China’s tablet ground. Apple swirls in its declining condition and scored 24.4 of the market share this time, which is a significant loss.

Huawei Q1 2024 Chinese tablet market

Q1 2024 Chinese tablet market report (Image Credits: IDC)

Other tech vendors:

Xiaomi is in the third position – thanks to the new Pad 6S Pro tablet that has raised shipment as well as the mid-range large-screen product category in China’s market. It attained a 12.8% market share with a growth rate of 2.7%.

Fourth and Fifth ranks go to Honor and Lenovo respectively. The former has gone down in terms of progress with 1.1% although the latter has risen slightly and obtained 4.7% of the market share. The overall growth rate of these brands is good enough.

IDC further reveals that the Chinese tablet market has made a shipment of 7.13 million units in the first quarter of 2024 which is a notable growth of 6.6% YoY. Under this market, the consumer section obtained a 10.7% YoY increase while the commercial market increased by 6.3%.

Huawei Q1 2024 Chinese tablet market

Q1 2024 Chinese tablet market report (Image Credits: IDC)

(Source – IDC)

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