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Germany reportedly plans to strip Huawei 5G equipment by 2026



Germany Huawei 5G 2026

Germany inches closer to the decision to strip out Huawei 5G network by 2026, says a new report. It also cites that senior politicians of the country will soon gather to decide if they should press the telecoms to replace Chinese network equipment.

The interior, foreign, and economy ministries support German leaders’ 5G network proposal, but official approval of the digital ministry on this matter still awaits.

Inputs further reveal that the Huawei 5G ban scheme consists of a two-step procedure. The first one will come into action by January 01, 2026. Here, all the telecoms in Germany will strongly say NO to Huawei and ZTE network components.

Within three years (by 2029), Germany aims to completely reduce its telecom operators’ dependency on Chinese network resources. But things could be even more stressful, creating issues in terms of cash and a good 5G network replacement.

It’s not the first time that Germany pulled off Chinese (say Huawei, ZTE) 5G network equipment in the name of security measures. The nation has been planning this practice for a year, following the ‘Rip and Replace’ program in the U.S. and UK.

Germany Huawei 5G 2026

Germany to ban Huawei 5G equipment by next year (Image Credits: Huawei)

Both the U.S. and UK have tightened their actions towards China after the Biden administration blocked the chip shipment license for Huawei and other companies.

Even though Germany had allowed the Chinese tech giants for their 5G stand in the country, many factors such as security concerns, the U.S. ban, and the Russia-Ukraine war made the leaders rethink the decision and put a barricade on Huawei.

Issues by removing China 5G components:

Note that the Digital Ministry has not marked the stamp on this proposal as the industry and some telecoms constantly oppose this decision. Also, the German political party is under stress as this choice could affect the federal budget for the next year.

Many other mobile operating firms mentioned earlier that it is impossible to eliminate the Chinese network components by the next year. Although Germany says that compared to others, it already lags in the removal of China-made 5G network components by Huawei/ZTE and needs to hurry by 2026!

[Source – Bloomberg]

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