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Huawei conducted legion formation inaugural meeting



Huawei legion meeting

On 29 October 2021, Huawei conducted a legion formation inaugural meeting, held near Songshan Lake Park. Many executives from recently opened Huawei branches were present at the event beside the company founder Ren Zhengfei.

As it was regiment formation gathering, a troop of 300 soldiers made an influential trip. The legions allow Huawei officials from Coal Mine Corps, Smart Highway Corps, Customs and Port Corps, Smart Photovoltaic Corps, and Data Center Energy Corps to offer the country flag at the meeting.

Even though it’s a complicated period for the smartphone-maker, they are making significant development. After establishing the Coal Mine Corps in April, it’s the first legion formation meeting organized by Huawei.

Legion Organization:

According to the data, the legion organization belongs to the same level as the main three sub-divisions Operators BG, Enterprise BG, and Consumer BG, of Huawei. The company founder Ren Zhengfei gave development guidance and supervise it timely.

At the meeting, he addresses the guest and audience with his enlightening keynote deliverance. He believes peace is achieved and only needs to upskill the technology to get supremacy for the next three decades.

Huawei legion meeting

Furthermore, he also mentioned, the company also wants to contribute to making history and hoping to see the sun and moon glowing together, in his speech. However, the info shows, the technology models for the legions come from the America-based Google.

In addition, the models gave a single platform to the basic research scientists, technical experts, product experts, engineering experts, sales experts, delivery and service experts to let them jointly resolve the problems. Moreover, the reduces the product progress cycle.

Huawei Coal Mine Corps:

The main target of this branch is to reduce the high-risk positions for the workers in the mining ecology. The installation of the latest technology increases efficiency and basic safety measurements. Recently, it has received a new Mine HarmonyOS operating system in September this year.

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