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Huawei Cloud files new patent for AR workshop inspection system



Huawei Cloud patent AR workshop inspection

Huawei Cloud has applied for a new patent related to the AR workshop inspection system. As the term reflects, the mechanism helps to operate AR (Augmented Reality) technology, cloud computing, and guides in workshop inspections.

The information reveals that Huawei Cloud has jointly filed the new AR workshop inspection system patent with Harbin Institute of Technology, China Steel Group, Wuhan Safety and Environmental Protection Research Insititute Co., Ltd., and others.

Looking into the patent, the AR workshop inspection system requires an AR device, a cloud system, and expert machinery. Here, the AR device consists of a data collection module, a twin scenario developing module, a human-computer interaction component, and a data transmission module.

On the other hand, the cloud system has a data management module, an application service component, a knowledge base element, and a data analysis module. Lastly, the expert machinery uses a second human-computer interaction module and a second data transmission module.

Huawei Cloud patent AR workshop inspection

Huawei Cloud (Source: Huawei)

How does the patent work?

Eventually, the new AR tech system ensures an effective way to show the steps and guidelines regarding a cloud operation. Thus, it improves the precision and productivity of relevant tasks. It will further offer real-time guidance for these operations.

One can check the current status of operations and view data analysis. The latest AR workshop system will complete the inspection faster and more accurately, by lowering the threshold of inspection personnel and well reviewing the operation.

It is unclear when the tech giant will reveal it in the real world. Yet, it has begun the work on the invention with the Chinese institute partners and may speed up the development in the time ahead.


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