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Huawei Celia Voice app is testing with new smart features



Celia Voice

Huawei is testing two new features for its voice recognition assistant app – Celia Voice. The company is currently initiating the feature test in public, which will bring a bunch of new features for the users participating in this activity.

Celia Voice Assistant version is under test with a downloadable size of 67 megabytes. The latest software version comes with new wake-up gestures (in Chinese). The update enables an important feature that will allow the voice assistant to wake up the device, which is a more convenient way to interact with the device.

The Celia Assistant also adds intelligent volume control in the volume control settings to set the volume of Celia Assistant separately.

Celia Voice

The update optimizes WeChat messenger-related features to collaborate better with Celia app. The latest additions also include optimizations for better interactive and smart home devices.

The latest features of the Celia Voice Assistant are currently under beta testing and may soon rollout for all of the users with this software.

celia voice

Previous Test:

Back in September, Huawei tested smart features consisting of the following:

  • Support NetEase Cloud music playback control when the phone is locked, use the Celia Voice Assistant “Play music” is more convenient and smarter.
  • Reading aloud supports male voice, child voice, girl voice, and other timbre selection, wake up the smart assistant and say “read aloud”, and then click the sound symbol in the upper right corner to try it.
  • Support for visual Say, you can say what you see on the screen. After waking up, say “click” and try to control the phone with your voice. (represents the buttons currently visible on the screen).

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