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Huawei cancelling in-box phone Charger? A new Huawei Mate 40 Pro version doesn’t have it



Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, and other smartphone makers have already started to ditch the inbox charging brick after canceling the charging cable. As the latest information, it seems that Huawei may soon join the club with other phone makers and will follow the same trend.

Huawei Mate 40 Pro passed the 3C certification again, the product mentioned with the rear glass cover, and optional switching power adapter when the product is a PU leather rear cover. The switching power adapter is a standard part.

Huawei canceled the chargers for the three versions of Bright Black, Glazed White, and Mithril, and only equipped with standard chargers for the two plain types of leather colors.

However, Huawei has not revealed any information on this matter and the editor predicts that there is a high probability that Huawei will adopt Xiaomi and Meizu’s Environmental protection plan, and will leave the choice of the charger to consumers.

Huawei May choose to directly reduce the price of the related smartphone models inside the box, instead of just cutting the charger down.

At present, Huawei doesn’t sell 66W chargers separately but the official 65W charging price is 199 yuan. It is speculated that the Mate 40 Pro without a charger may reduce the total price by around 200 yuan.

Huawei Mate 40 Pro

It is yuan mentioning that Huawei may not cancel the charger completely for the purpose of protecting the environment, but because of the lack of spare parts.

According to digital blogger due to various reasons, IC chips suitable for chargers are out of stock on a large scale, so not only Huawei but also new phones that other mobile phone manufacturers will release may no longer have standard chargers.

Additionally, Huawei’s own supply chain has long been cut off, and the supply of many core components has been greatly restricted. Therefore, canceling the charger is very helpless.


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