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Huawei can survive without the U.S., says Huawei Founder



Ren ZhengFei, Founder and CEO of Huawei said, Huawei can lead without the help of the US and can produce new products and technologies on its own.

Back in May, the US blacklisted Huawei on allegation of national security threat and blocked its access to the US technologies. Not only this, but the US president is also urging ally countries to ban Huawei of which they’ve denied.

In an interview with WSJ, Ren dismantled the US campaign to curb Huawei’s business with in the US and globally.

“We can survive very well without the U.S.,” Mr. Ren said. “The China-U.S. trade talks are not something I’m concerned with.”

Huawei executives say the company is building its entire portfolio of 5G networking products without any American technology, at a clip of 5,000 base stations a month.

In addition, Ren previously told that Huawei is planning to sell more than 2 million 5G base stations over the next two years, despite the US ban.

For smartphones, Huawei is finding alternatives to US supplies and components. Last month the company said in October that it has sold more than 200 million phones, a milestone achieved more than two months earlier compared to 2018.

“We don’t expect the U.S. to remove Huawei from the entity list,” Mr. Ren said. “They may as well keep us there forever because we’ll be fine without them.”

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