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Huawei CAF model bringing network competitiveness for operators: Marketing Chief



Huawei CAF network Model

On behalf of Huawei, the company’s marketing and solution sales department president- Peng Song, addresses the 7th Ultra-Broadband Forum 2021. This 2-day conference is taking place in Dubai from 19th October.

At the event, President Song talks about network connection and growth under his speech entitled “Connect + New Growth”. It was mainly a short description of the Huawei CAF (Coverage/Architecture/Fusion) model which is bringing network competitiveness among the operators.

During his speech, Huawei President noted down that the CAF model is becoming a key to operators, which is opening new opportunities in the market. He further describes that although the past year was a bit challenging, we have seen tremendous changes.

Even the families are moving towards diversification from the single entertainment center. Today, people have merged the network connection for multiple functions such as education, office, and trade, which is no longer solely concerned with bandwidth.

Huawei CAF Network Model:

According to President Song, the extension and the integration of the connection are the main keynotes of the connection plus. It means, the continued acceleration of the digitalization process making the society recognize the importance of a stabilized and strong connection.

Huawei CAF network Model

Based on this fact, Song Peng introduced the Huawei CAF network model where “C” denotes coverage, “A” denotes architecture, and “F” denotes fusion. Furthermore, there was an in-depth discussion about all three points at the event.


It mainly highlights the different points where a connection tries to reach different households and businesses. Considering today’s demands, operators need to provide the connection to every room for each device in a family. Furthermore, there are mainly two technologies currently leading this sector- AirPON and Digital Quick ODN solutions.


It refers to the algorithms where a connection needs to integrate with the cloud to enable digitization of the industry. However, it’s divided into two stages- the first one is to connect to the cloud. Meanwhile, the second stage is the difficult one and is coupled with cloud integration to gradually build an ecology.


This term lets us mainly focuses on exploring the network architecture that will support current and future business success. In addition, there were some leading technologies recommended by the president. It includes the use of copper-to-optical, OXC, SRv6, ADN, and other technologies.

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