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Huawei build over 170 5G networks in past two years: Network Depart Chief



huawei 5g

While attending the 2021 Global Mobile Broadband Forum, Yang Chaobin- Huawei Wireless Network Product Line President informed, Huawei has been built over 170 5G networks within two years. It has a user base of about 500 million across the world.

He mentioned in his speech- “Innovation Eternal, Building a 5Gigaverse Society”, 5G commercial deployment enters a new stage. Now users are wishing for a more strong, reliable, and continuous network experience. The 5G capabilities have become proposes in the industry, setting the next goal to achieve the ubiquitous Gigabit experience network. It aims to become Gigabit for everyone instead of Gigabit per person.

According to Huawei President, the industry needs to build the 5G networks the will provide continuous coverage. In addition, networks traffic for mobiles will exceed by hundred times by the next decade. Thus, 5G capabilities need to continue to evolve.

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Moreover, Huawei authorities are mainly concerned with 5G and its development. The company believes that innovation in this field will take us towards a low-carbon future in a green society.

At present, this Shenzhen-based firm owns the largest number of 5G bases stations in China and has a strong presence in the global market. Meanwhile, it’s also negotiating with Kingsignal for 5G RF technology-related components.

Furthermore, the company simultaneously developing its existing technologies including massive MIMO and MetaAAU. These enhanced products making the company achieve breakthroughs in the network field and delivering full coverage and an energy-efficient user experience.

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