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Huawei Assistant and Smart Charge feature rolling out for Huawei Nova 3i in the Middle East



Huawei Nova 3i

Huawei Nova 3i is not eligible for the EMUI 10 but recently, the company rolled out some smart features for this device including the Huawei Assistant and Smart Charge.

These features started to expand in more countries and now reached the Huawei Nova 3i users in the Middle East. Users can download and install the latest update for improved performance.

More information detail below.

Huawei Nova 3i

Huawei Nova 3i


Huawei Assistant: Adds Huawei Assistant to the home screen providing smart reminders, personalized news, and other content relevant to you.

Battery: Adds the Smart Charge mode, reducing battery aging by adapting to your charging routine through AI learning and preventing the battery from being continuously charged when full. (This feature is enabled by default.)

Adds the Smart Battery Capacity feature, reducing battery aging by intelligently adjusting the battery capacity according to the battery status. Go to Settings > Battery > More battery settings and enable Smart Battery Capacity to try it out.

Security: Integrates Android security patches released in May 2020 for improved system security.

Software Version:

The latest features for Huawei Nova 3i comes with EMUI version and update package size of 0.98GB. In Asia, the same update comes with EMUI version


  • EMUI version and size may vary.
  • Rollout will expand gradually and may take some time/days to reach your device.

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How to update Huawei Nova 3i:

Via Support:

  • Support app
  • Services Tab
  • Update
  • Download and install

Via Settings:

  • Settings
  • System
  • Software update
  • Download and install

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Huawei Nova 3i Update

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