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Huawei applied for Lingxi chipset and processor trademark, could this be for HarmonyOS (Hongmeng OS)?



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Recently, Huawei has applied for a bunch of new trademark applications. The new trademark also shows us new products including the Lingxi Chip and Lingxi Processor under the category of scientific instruments. While the application is under inspection.

According to the information, Huawei filed for these trademark under Class 9, which implies for face recognition equipment, scales, weight scales, smartphones, downloadable apps, computer operating system, LCD display, electric pen, image printer, computer stylus, wearable motion tracker, smartphone case, network communication equipment.

The trademark is under the international classification 42, which applicable for technical research, research and development of new products, scientific research, technical project research, telecommunication technology, computer programming, computer software design, computer software update, computer hardware design, computer software maintenance, computer data, computer system design, data conversions and more.

Currently, the patent doesn’t have to say much about the design or specific use case of this application but tipster – DigitalKing has some related info that you would know. The tipster suggests that the Lingxi chip and Lingxi processor are mainly used in embedded devices and self-made or third-party processors based on Huawei’s HiLink processor.

Furthermore, the chipset could also be designed for the device that will launch with the HarmonyOS AKA Hongmeng OS operating system to improve a seamless performance.

If we talk specifically about the smartphones, Huawei already has its Kirin chipset but due to the ongoing trade sanctions, Huawei cannot build new Kirin chipsets. However, the company still has some stock left for the production of new flagships.

On the other side, it’s possible that the company will use this for new IoT devices specially designed for consumers and enterprise products.

Stay tuned..more information is yet to come.


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