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Huawei annual growth jumps 29% and shipped 66.8 million smartphones in Q3 2019: Canalys



The third quarter of 2019 is special because, for the first time in two years, the global smartphone market has recorded growth. And this quarter has also brought good results for Huawei.

According to the market research from Canalys, Huawei has bounced back in the shipment game and sold 66.8 million smartphone units, with 19% shares and 29% annual growth.

To be noted the figures shown in the report includes the sales count of both Huawei and its subsidiary Honor.

During the same timeline last year, Huawei sold 51.9 million units with a 14.9% market share. In Q2 this year, Huawei sold 58.7 million units with 17.7% market shares and 8% annual growth.

Back in may, Huawei was included in the US Entity-List that caused the company a low growth Q2. However, the company is still doing great in its home ground, which is helping the Chinese tech giant to maintain and score new shipment record every quarter on the global market.

In a domestic report from Canalys for Q3 2019, Huawei has grown 66% in the Chinese smartphone market and is the only smartphone maker to see business growth.

Aside from the domestic market, Huawei has also improved its shipment in many overseas markets where volume increased sequentially from 21.5 million in Q2 to 25.3 million in Q3.

As many distributors and operators resumed procurement for Huawei smartphones which had been paused in Q2. This pent-up demand for Huawei devices caused a surge in orders.

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