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Huawei announced new sedan collab ‘LUXEED’, using HarmonyOS 4 cockpit



Huawei Luxeed Sedan

Today, Huawei Smart Car Business CEO, Yu Chengdong, officially announced the first sedan car “Luxeed”. He announced that the first fully electric car of Huawei’s intelligent car business will use the new HarmonyOS 4 software.

Yu Chengdong also said that this electric car will be a new category of smart car. It will adopt a subversive design language, bringing a coupe experience beyond imagination. Providing input on the launch date, the chief mentioned that the new car will be unveiled this quarter (Q3).

The image shared by Huawei officials shows the new car with a low-lying posture and a symmetrical front-face design, the Luxeed Logo is located above the penetrating light strip.

Huawei Luxeed Sedan

The mainstream hidden door handle design is adopted. The more eye-catching is the lidar on the top. It will be powered by Huawei ADS 2.0 high-level smart assisted driving technology with HarmonyOS 4.

Huawei and Chery:

Although, Chengdong has not revealed the details about the car manufacturer. However, it’s speculated to be Chinese carmaker Chery.

Huawei Luxeed Sedan

By looking at the name and multiple revelations, the new car is very likely jointly built by Huawei and Chery. The name “Luxeed” could be Luxury Exeed, which is the “luxury version” of Chery EXEED.

HarmonyOS 4 for Cars:

The biggest capability of the car is HarmonyOS 4 cockpit. Huawei made it official that HarmonyOS 4 has new features specially designed for the smart car infotainment system.

The car’s bright screen has multi-device collaboration. With just one drag, the on-screen content could be shared with the screen for the rear seat screen. Similarly, the front and back rows can watch movies simultaneously.

The app launcher will support more apps and bring a rich user experience. For example, you can open mobile games through the Super Launcher on the large screen in the cockpit. The large screen, Huawei tuned speakers and handles work together to make mobile games perform like a console.

With all of these capabilities, Huawei LUXEED sedan could bring mesmerizing capabilities to the EV category.

(source – Weibo)

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