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Huawei announced a new patent to control traffic and accidents




On 16 December 2021, Huawei has published a new patent to control direct traffic and accidents with announcement number CN113793523A in China. With this patent, the company aims to control traffic and quickly respond to traffic accidents in a timely manner.

This patent describes a method, that helps the driver to calculate the real-time traffic dynamics, it further checks the traffic status of the place where the signal has been found faulty or responded to traffic accidents. It can prevent vehicle accidents in related signals to the position of the host vehicle on the road on the surface of the earth are received from the satellite network.

The company has designed this patent to lessen signal failures of traffic accidents on the roadway that improve the driving experience of the user as it assists in a timely manner.

Huawei patent direct traffic

The application process includes:

  • Determine the target traffic position in the aimed area where the current vehicle is tracked down.
  • Determining that the current car is the vehicle used to direct traffic from the multiple vehicles in the target area
  • Finally, the current vehicle directs traffic through the medium.

Previously, the company announced the related patents for traffic that included the traffic light detection related to the autonomous driving solution. This technology individually recognized the traffic lights in autonomous vehicles.

Whereas the present-day patent is published for vehicles commanding in traffic, which can instantly respond to traffic accidents and direct traffic in a timely manner.

(Source: ithome)

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