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Huawei and Sberbank launched new cloud services for SMEs businesses



Russia’s cloud platform of Sberbank Group and Huawei announced a strategic partnership and launched SberCloud.Advanced with new cloud services for Russian and foreign users.

The cloud platform will help to introduce a new line of basic (IaaS) and high-level (PaaS) cloud services on the Russian market. Thereby, SberCloud clients will be able to create IT infrastructure of any complexity in the cloud, work with big data clusters, manage cloud containerization, and automatically create, scale and manage apps.

SberCloud.Advanced users will have access to 37 cloud services. The launch of the new platform provides opportunities that were previously inaccessible to both cloud app developers and their users.

The product is unique on the Russian market, as it is fully functional. SberCloud clients will get all the necessary services integrated with each other in one company.

SberCloud.Advanced meets the highest business standards, functions under the Russian legislation and is placed in SberCloud infrastructure. The platform is focused on large, medium-sized and small businesses, as well as small startups.

“This partnership is really important for the Russian cloud service market. Huawei provides SberCloud with not only most progressive comprehensive cloud technology but also transfer international expertise.” Wang Wei, CEO, Huawei Cloud in Russia.

“We are sure that businesspersons will appreciate this solution and it will become a great contribution to the digital transformation of Russia,” he added.

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