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Huawei and other Chinese firms can beat big car makers in the market: Meituan CEO



Huawei Chinese car market

Of course, Huawei has not indulged itself in the car business for a long time. The company only works on building up the best car solutions in the world. Perhaps, a new report speaks that Huawei and other Chinese car companies will soon take over the market.

The report is coming from the side of the Meituan CEO – Wang Xing. He is one of the major shareholders of the Ideal Automobile firm. Recently, all the high-profile car companies shared their latest records regarding the delivery of vehicles.

  • Ideal Auto – 11531 new cars delivered
  • Weilai – 10878 vehicles delivered
  • Xiaopeng – 8,468 vehicles delivered
  • Seris Quest Series – 10,142 cars delivered
  • Aian – 30016 vehicles delivered
  • Nezha – 18005 vehicles delivered
  • Leaprun – 11039 vehicles delivered
  • Extreme Krypton – 8276 vehicles delivered
  • Lanti – 2519 vehicles delivered
  • Zhiji – 1019 vehicles delivered

After seeing the analytical report, Wang Xing expressed his views on the new car-making forces. He said that Huawei, Ideal, and some other Chinese firms will surely be able to beat the high-end car makers in the market.

He positively believes that Huawei through its car solutions and other Chinese automobile cooperations is growing its surface rapidly in the market. No doubt, in the upcoming years, they would be able to beat the ‘super-in-demand’ Mercedes, BMW, and Audi in the domestic car platform.

“As promised, the ideal L9, priced at 459,800 yuan, delivered over 10,000 units in the first month! Specifically, 10,123 units. In the past 20 to 30 years, the leader of China’s premium high-end car market has always been the German BBA (Benz, BMW, Audi). No matter who wins, China will win.”

Huawei Chinese car market

Huawei Car Solutions and AITO progress

The AITO series is constantly rising at the height of the success bar. In two consecutive months, the company has crossed more than 10,000 of units. Speaking of M5 and M7 SUV models, these are the most lovable vehicles on the market.

While unveiling the AITO M series, Huawei CEO – Yu Chengdong mentioned that this car is completely comparable to a million-level luxury car. Surprisingly, we have seen that AITO M7 overtook the Toyota Alpha and Lexus LM automobiles.

Consequently, the credit for this success goes to the effective implementation of the manufacturers and the execution of the HarmonyOS 3 smart system. With high efficiency and quality, the Huawei car solution has made several smart cars approach the first position in the market.


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Changan Auto denies rumors of changing AVITA to ‘Huawei AVITA’




Huawei AVITA 11

China’s well-known car manufacturer, Changan Automobile has denied rumors of changing its collaboration car brand name from Avita to “Huawei Avita”.

The carmaker said that Avita technology is building an international high-end SEV (Smart Electric Vehicle) brand. This firm is led by Changan Automobile, Huawei, and CATL.

These companies empower different parts of the Avita technologies including vehicle R&D, smart manufacturing, smart car solutions, and smart power ecosystem.

The firms are working in synergy to create a new generation of smart electric vehicle technology called CHN. It has a new architecture, strong computing, and high-voltage charging.

Avita Huawei Changan Automobile

According to the information, AVITA or AVATR is jointly created by Huawei, Changan Auto, and CATL. These companies built battery solutions and vehicle manufacturing done by Changan Auto.

Also, Huawei has no shares in Avita but it supplies important hardware including electric motors and software for smart driving, connectivity, and infotainment system powered by the HarmonyOS operating system.

Avita is looking to unveil the new Avita 11 later this year, while the company has successfully completed a large number of delivery in 2022.

Avita 11 car

Last week, Avita announced the Avita 11 single motor vehicle, which is a new version of 2022’s Avita 11 dual-motor four-wheel drive.

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600kW Huawei EV charger leaked, faster than Tesla superchargers




Huawei 600kW EV Charger and TEsla Supercharger

Huawei is working with its car partner to build better EVs and smart cars in China. However, the company’s recent leak of a 600kW Huawei charger station shows that it’s far ahead of the competition such as Tesla.

Recently, some live images of Huawei’s exclusive 600kW supercharging station leaked online. The charging station is located in the open in a Chinese industrial area. The shape is square, and there is a cooling device at the bottom.

The specs details on the charger reveal “Huawei Digital Power Technology Co. LTD” as the manufacturer. While this new unit is manufactured in December last year.

The size dimensions are 295 x 340 x 1700 mm and it’s very tall and painted in red Huawei color.

The model number of this charger is DT600L1-CNA1 and it supports China’s national standard 2015 DC fast charging, single-gun output, and the output voltage range is 200-1000V. On the other hand, the maximum output current is 600A, and the maximum output power is 600kW.

Huawei 600kW charger

While searching, we found that this is called “FusionCharger” and it’s a liquid-cooled charger. It has a charging hub that ranges up to 3.5 meters, which reason it’s using a thick body.

Some industry experts say that Huawei planned to rollout these chargers in 2035 but the company is already giving a test drive for the limited users in advance. We could also take it as an advance move to cover the upcoming Huawei AITO Wenji M9 model, which will launch later this year.

Similar superchargers are designed with two charging ports and a rated voltage of 1000V. The rated total output power is 360kW. The output power of a single charging cable is 180kW, and the maximum output current is 250A.

Huawei 600kW charger

Faster than Tesla:

In comparison, Tesla’s current generation of V3 chargers can only provide 250kW power. Also, the upcoming V4 supercharger is expected to take it up to 350 kW. Still, the current exposure of the Huawei charger keeps it faster than Tesla.

But we need to wait for the final release to know more about the specs of this 600kW Huawei EV charger.


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New Huawei Avita 11 car launching on March 19




Huawei New Avita 11

Car maker, AVATR (Avita) announced a new single-motor version of the Avita 11 smart car that will launch on March 19 and it will be packed with Huawei Hi smart car solutions.

Avatr is a joint venture between Changan Automobile, lithium-ion battery provider CATL, and Huawei, the Avatr 11 is underpinned by the EP1 platform.

Huawei has no shares in Avatr but it supplies important hardware including electric motors and software for smart driving, connectivity, and infotainment system powered by the HarmonyOS operating system.

Huawei said, “Avita 11 single-motor version will make its public debut as a marathon pilot car, leading a new challenge with smart driving!”

New Avita 11 Huawei

Avita 11:

Last year, Huawei launched Avita 11 series which has dual-motor four-wheel drive. Talking about the specifications, the respective car surfs on the new-generation electric vehicle technology.

Further, it has a capacity of accelerating a range of 680/555 kilometers with a maximum external power of 425 kilowatts. The agile vehicle also brings along the fastest zero-to-hundred acceleration, which is 3.98 seconds.

Additionally, Avita 11 packs an ultra-long battery life version. Alternatively, this high-voltage battery provides a lifespan of 116kWh. Moreover, it supports fast charging of 750 V with a maximum fast charging speed of 240 kW.


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