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Huawei and other Chinese firms can beat big car makers in the market: Meituan CEO



Huawei Chinese car market

Of course, Huawei has not indulged itself in the car business for a long time. The company only works on building up the best car solutions in the world. Perhaps, a new report speaks that Huawei and other Chinese car companies will soon take over the market.

The report is coming from the side of the Meituan CEO – Wang Xing. He is one of the major shareholders of the Ideal Automobile firm. Recently, all the high-profile car companies shared their latest records regarding the delivery of vehicles.

  • Ideal Auto – 11531 new cars delivered
  • Weilai – 10878 vehicles delivered
  • Xiaopeng – 8,468 vehicles delivered
  • Seris Quest Series – 10,142 cars delivered
  • Aian – 30016 vehicles delivered
  • Nezha – 18005 vehicles delivered
  • Leaprun – 11039 vehicles delivered
  • Extreme Krypton – 8276 vehicles delivered
  • Lanti – 2519 vehicles delivered
  • Zhiji – 1019 vehicles delivered

After seeing the analytical report, Wang Xing expressed his views on the new car-making forces. He said that Huawei, Ideal, and some other Chinese firms will surely be able to beat the high-end car makers in the market.

He positively believes that Huawei through its car solutions and other Chinese automobile cooperations is growing its surface rapidly in the market. No doubt, in the upcoming years, they would be able to beat the ‘super-in-demand’ Mercedes, BMW, and Audi in the domestic car platform.

“As promised, the ideal L9, priced at 459,800 yuan, delivered over 10,000 units in the first month! Specifically, 10,123 units. In the past 20 to 30 years, the leader of China’s premium high-end car market has always been the German BBA (Benz, BMW, Audi). No matter who wins, China will win.”

Huawei Chinese car market

Huawei Car Solutions and AITO progress

The AITO series is constantly rising at the height of the success bar. In two consecutive months, the company has crossed more than 10,000 of units. Speaking of M5 and M7 SUV models, these are the most lovable vehicles on the market.

While unveiling the AITO M series, Huawei CEO – Yu Chengdong mentioned that this car is completely comparable to a million-level luxury car. Surprisingly, we have seen that AITO M7 overtook the Toyota Alpha and Lexus LM automobiles.

Consequently, the credit for this success goes to the effective implementation of the manufacturers and the execution of the HarmonyOS 3 smart system. With high efficiency and quality, the Huawei car solution has made several smart cars approach the first position in the market.


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