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Huawei and Intel leads the latest Linux Kernel 5.10 code contribution ranking list



Linux kernel is the main component of the Linux operating system, which is free and open source. It is the core component between the hardware and its processes. On December 13, 2020, the latest version of Linux Kernal 5.10 was released.

Linux kernel 5.10 version is a long-term kernel release, which provided for the purposes of backporting bugfixes for older kernel trees.

According to the latest information, the ranking of companies according to their contribution rate in Linux Kernal’s new version source code has now been revealed. Huawei and Intel are the top two companies in the ranking. Also, Huawei and Intel’s contribution rates are noted highest among Kernal version 5.8 to now.

Moreover, AMD, IBM, Samsung, NXP, Nvidia, Arm also contributes to the development of the new version. However, there are some hidden manufacturers, which put lots of effort into development.

In the context of changesets (number of patches), Huawei tops by submitting 1434 patches (8.9%) followed by Intel 1297 patches accounting for 8%. In terms of modified code lines, Intel secures the first position with 96976 lines code (12.6%) followed by Huawei 41040 lines code (5.3%).

It was observed from the official code that Huawei pushes contributes a lot in quality improvement, bug fixing, entire code reconstruction as well as mainly contributes to ARM64 architecture, ACPI, memory management, kernel documentation, and HiSilicon chip support.


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