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Huawei and China Mobile launches barrier-free calling service



Huawei barrier-free calling service

Huawei and China Mobile released a new barrier-free calling service. This new development will improve the communication experience among users. Besides, it will make the calling features more effective.

As per the input revealings, Huawei and China Mobile launched the barrier-free calling service mainly for senior citizens. While the feature also plays a significant role for users with hearing impairments.

To be specific, the Barrier-free calling feature is a thoughtful initiative. It consists of advanced mechanisms that ease the calling services. For instance, it can translate a variety of languages and transmit it between users at the same time.

Further, it can convert voice messages to small text bubbles, even during video calls. As a result, users with hearing disabilities can enable the feature to continue their conversation without any interruption.

So far, the Chinese tech maker learned that over 30 million people in China and 1.5 million users around the world are suffering from hearing issues. Moreover, the problem is more common in elder people.

Hence, Huawei associated with China Mobile cooperation to form such a calling service that can improve the communication facilities for elderly people. The outcome is the ultimate barrier-free calling service that eliminates all obstacles and offers an efficient conversation experience.

New 5G Call Feature

Two months back, Huawei and China Mobile introduced the first 5G call feature. This innovative feature comprises three main functions:

  • Lighting up the screen
  • Barrier-Free Communication
  • Interesting Calling

Alongside, the feature also reflected the usage of attractive emojis and avatars and easy access to audio, video, and other media content even when on video conference.

However, at that time there was no information regarding when the feature will come into use. As of now, both cooperations have started to roll out the barrier-free calling service as the first segment of the New 5G Calling feature in China.

Barrier-free calling uproots on the 1+3+N framework and helps in intelligent and interactive calling. Thus, users will observe more convenience and comfort with this feature.

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Huawei barrier-free calling service


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