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Huawei and China Mobile completed world’s first 5G-A Internet of Vehicles verification



Huawei China Mobile 5G-A Vehicles verification

Huawei is touching new heights in 5G-A network technology and in the latest edition, the company joined hands with various partners like China Mobile and completed the world’s first 5G-A Internet of Vehicles verification on the home ground.

According to the information, Huawei, Shanghai Mobile, and China Mobile conducted the all-new 5G-A Internet of Vehicles verification in the Jinqiao Intelligent Connected Vehicle testing zone in Pudong, Shanghai. The aim was to rectify how the 5G-A works on roads.

Notably, the verification covers a variety of criteria like road, network, cloud operation, mapping, graphics, and more. This is the first time the Internet of Vehicles brings in cloud control platforms, high-quality maps with precise details, around 21 camera implementations, and numerous other equipment.

Huawei China Mobile 5G-A Vehicles verification

Moreover, the Chinese tech makers tested the V2X (Vehicle-to-everything) messages via the 5G-A networking. V2X is a type of communication system between a vehicle and any other entity that may be affected by the vehicle. The overall data transmission rate is less than 20ms for 99 percent.

A major reason behind conducting the Internet of Vehicle verification via the 5G-A tech is to eliminate the risk of traffic accidents. It further acknowledges road measures and contributes to the safety improvements of the road and smart vehicles.

With the help of roadside sensing capabilities which offer real-time details about traffic incidents and pedestrian violations, Huawei and other tech makers aim to enhance road efficiency. Other benefits include better uplink and download facilities and sustainable large-bandwidth network operations.


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