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Apple iPhone shipment to fall by 15% YoY in 2024 following Huawei’s impact: Kuo



Apple iPhone shipment 15% Huawei

Huawei phones demand in China will continue to target the Apple iPhone shipment resulting in a 15% drop – says Ming-Chi Kuo. The analyst has published a new report regarding the sales challenges that will persist for the iPhone maker in 2024.

Even though Apple secured first position in the 2023 China smartphone market, it looks like 2024 will be a challenging year for the company. Despite being a prime global teck maker, Apple will procure more downfall this year.

According to the Ming-Chi Kuo report, Apple has decreased its iPhone shipment volume by 15% YoY in 2024 and one of the major reasons behind this decline is Huawei. Let’s understand this theory in more detail.

Apple considers China as one of the major markets for its iPhone sales. But in recent times, Chinese consumers have shifted their interests to AI-based handsets as well as folding phones. Every third person in China seeks a foldable as the first choice for their phone replacement.

Apple iPhone shipment 15% Huawei

Huawei’s Impact:

Eventually, tech makers like Huawei are pacing ahead in these fields with impressive capabilities. With the return of Kirin 5G and the iconic Mate 60 Pro features, Huawei has developed a great value among consumers in the smartphone market.

Meanwhile, Samsung has addressed the beneficial outcomes of AI in the franchise and boosted its Galaxy S24 series shipment capacity by 5-10%. However, Apple won’t enter the AI segment or the significant design upgrades until 2025.

These factors led the American tech giant to reduce the iPhone shipment by 10-15%. Thus, the iPhone 15 series shipment will go down in the first half of this year whereas, the iPhone 16 lineup will see a decline in the second half of 2024. On the flip side, the weekly shipment of iPhones in China went down by 30-40% YoY.

Apple is also putting its handsets on staggering discounts in China to chase back its customers. Yet, Huawei’s presence has given a notable jerk to the iPhone sales in the native region and Apple will continue to deal with these problems in 2024 as well.


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