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Huawei and China Academy launched Wuhan City F5G Development White Paper




For the first time, the Chinese Government has included the “Gigabit Optical Network” in the official work report. And instructs the It companies to work in the development of 5G application scenarios.

Concerning this, Huawei Technologies has been continuously working to establish a strong 5G network connection under the “One Hundred Cities Gigabit” project.

In this line, Huawei and China Academy launched Wuhan City F5G Development White Paper. It was divided into 5 parts focused on the F5G optical network in Wuhan. At the released ceremony, the respected authorities of both parties were present including-

  1. Dang Zhen, Director of Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology
  2. Shi Denian, Deputy Chief Engineer of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology
  3. Wang Libiao, Vice President of Huawei Transmission and Access Product Line

To be mentioned, recently Lao Telecom adopts Huawei FDD Smart Massive MIMO technology in order to solve the network traffic jam in the hotspots open area. The consumers achieve 30% results after the installation.

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At the release ceremony, Shi Denian, deputy chief engineer of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, commented,


“At present, the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is advancing, and information and communication technology is in a period of major changes led by system innovation, deep integration, and intelligence.

F5G is a fixed communication. The latest evolution direction of the network, complements and promotes each other with 5G, is an important component and carrier base of the new infrastructure, and is an indispensable “two wings” and “two wheels” for building a strong manufacturing country and a network power.”

returning back to the Wuhuan’s City F5G Development White Pape, it provided guidance on “what to do” and “how to do” for the city industry.

The first part of the white paper begins with the macro development trend of F5G and further details the development process, plan, and characteristics. Furthermore, the three main aspects responsible for the strong network connection under every condition. It includes-

  1. All-optical connection (FFC)
  2. Enhanced fixed broadband (eFBB)
  3.  Extreme experience (GRE)

At the end of 2021, Wuhan intends to fully implement the construction of a dual-gigabit city and proposes to build a “dual-gigabit city” for mobile and fixed networks.

As of now, Wuhan City is working on building a “5G pilot city”. It’s one of the important gathering areas of the global optical communications industry.

Yash is a graduate of computer science and followed his way into journalism, he is interested in various subjects related to technologies and politics. Yash likes to listen classical songs and has a huge library of classical mixes.

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Huawei Sound X 2021 launched with new design and powered by HarmonyOS




Huawei Sound X 2021

Huawei has launched its latest smart speaker – Huawei Sound X 2021. This new speaker comes with an elegant design and colorful lights that provide an ergonomic appearance while listening to music.

Huawei Sound X 2021 is inspired by electronic tubes and pays tribute to the classic tube amplifiers. The smart speaker has a 360-degree all-metal soundhole, 3D curved surface seamless technology, highlighting the high-end quality design.

Huawei Sound X 2021 comes with a 175.6mm diameter, 224mm height, and 3140g of weight. Similar to its processor, the Huawei Sound X comes in interstellar black.


Huawei Sound X 2021

48 full-color LED lights surround 360-degree, creating 7+1 kinds of magical lighting effects. The indicator light shows Guidance connection, voice response, status indication, music dynamic effect, light wallpaper, etc.

The new generation of Huawei Sound X is the first three-way smart speaker jointly designed by Devalet. The speaker unit has one 4.75 inch woofer, four 1.5 inch full-range speakers, one 1.25 inch tweeter, and two passive radiators.

Huawei Sound X 2021 comes with a 6 microphone ring array with a design that supports volume increase and decrease buttons, microphone button, play and pause keys as well as a light control button placed on the center top of the device.


The high, mid, and woofer unit sound independently, allowing the three-tone level to be distinct, bringing the bass sound and deep, the midrange is warm and clear, and the treble is bright and transparent.

Huawei Sound X 2021 is the world’s first smart speaker equipped with HarmonyOS 2. HarmonyOS doesn’t need to patch a 3rd party app to connect with the corresponding app, use the super device feature and fetch audio directly from PC or the smartphone.

Huawei Sound X 2021 HarmonyOS

With HM OS 2 support, the Huawei smart screen can be used to build a home theater with one click. The easy voice interaction allows you to integrate into the world of the Internet of Everything.


Huawei Sound X 2021 Price and Availability:

Huawei Sound X 2021 is priced at 2199 yuan. It’s already opened for pre-sale in China and the first sale is targeted for August 12 in China.

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Google Play Store safety section will show new security information about apps




Google Play Store Safety Section Featured

Google Play Store is bringing a new safety section, which will provide Android users features and accessibility to apps security, user permissions, and data it collects before downloading the app on a device.

According to Google, all of the Google Play Store apps will be required to share information in the safety section. Developers don’t need to panic, because Google also announced that developers will be given time to make these changes in their application sections.

So, let’s jump to more information regarding the Google Play Store safety section.


How will it look?

You will now be able to see the new summary section on the app’s store listing page. The section will describe all of the data that the corresponding app collects from your device.

Google Play Store Safety Section Information

Some of the highlights of these details are:

  1. Whether the app uses data encryption methods
  2. Whether it follows Families policy
  3. Whether the app has been independently validated against a global security standard.

Google Play Store Safety Section cause

Check details of the data collected by the app:

You will also have the power to view more information regarding the data that’s collected by the app and why you should grant permission.


Such examples for these are:

  1. Information collection  – location, contacts, personal information (name, email, and other), financial information, and more.
  2. Where your data will be utilized in the app.
  3. More importantly, you will also be able to see, which data is optional or required to provide to the app.

Google Play Store Safety Section Information further details


Furthermore, the developers will have to mention whether the app uses any of the user data for research purposes.


Design could change:

Google confirmed that the design of the safety section may change as the features may receive further optimization with continued development.

Deadline for Developers to declare the information:

The new Google Play Store safety section will launch for the app in the first quarter of 2022.

To prepare for the listing, developers can submit information on Google Play Console for review from October this year. However, interested developers can start early if they want to.


Google Play Store Safety Section Deadline

Also, the last date for developers to meet the deadline to submit the app privacy details will be in April 2022. Without the approved section, the app won’t be submitted on Play Store.

Google Play Store Safety Section

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Huawei is the top mobile base station equipment supplier in global market: TrendForce



Huawei 5G

A world-leading market intelligence provider – TrendForce released the global market share analysis report of suppliers of base station equipment. The report discloses that more than 70% of the market is covered by Chinese and European suppliers.

The top three base station equipment providers are China-based Huawei with the share accounting for 30%, Sweden-based Ericsson with 23% shared and the third one is Finland-based Nokia with 20% market shares.

The noticeable point is amid US sanctions, Huawei still leads the global market share and continues its leadership. In reasons behind these growing shares are the product cost and high demand from the Chinese market.


Furthermore, the fourth position is secured by Samsung in the global mobile base station share report. Also, Samsung is getting benefits of low costs and successful 5G commercialization efforts and achieved a share of 19.5% from last year’s 9%.

Trendforce mobile base station market share

Key to Huawei’s market share leadership:

The Trendforce reports suggest that by the end of 2020, the count of 5G users has exceeded 160 million in China that accounted for 89% of the global 5G network users.

Until July 2021, the three major mobile network operators in China, including China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom, have established 916,000 5G base stations in China, which comprise 70% of the global total.


To be mentioned, the above figures don’t only point out the impressive growth of the Chinese telecom market but it is also the key to Huawei’s leadership in the base station market for nearly two years.

(Source: Trendforce)

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