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Huawei and Chery launched first electric sedan, Luxeed S7



Luxeed S7 sedan

Huawei and Chery have launched their first collaborative electric sedan, the Luxeed S7. This car is now available for pre-sale via Huawei’s smart selection sales channels in China.

Luxeed S7 integrates a new style design with high and low-beam headlights, turn signals, corner lights, wind knives, side air intake curtains, and more.

The chassis of the car has a smart body collaborative control system, a dynamic adaptive torque system, a multi-modal fusion perception system, and is also equipped with intelligent air suspension damping adjustment.

Luxeed S7 sedan

Compared to traditional car chassis, the Luxeed S7 performs well in both sports and comfort driving scenarios. This sedan has a luxury car-level adaptive air suspension system.

The Luxeed S7 is also equipped with a new generation of DriveONE 800V silicon carbide gold power platform. The four-wheel drive version has a total power of 365kW and can accelerate from 0-100km in 3.3 seconds.

On the other hand, the braking system could stop the car from 100 to 0km/h in 33.5 seconds, which is far more better than the Porsche Taycan.

The Luxeed S7 sedan is launched in four models – S7 Pro, S7 Max, S7 Max+, and S7 Max RS.

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