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Huawei, Alibaba, and others trying to excel in Chinese cloud services race: Report



Huawei Alibaba Chinese cloud services

Huawei and other tech vendors like Alibaba and seem trying to excel in the Chinese cloud services competition. The firms have started selling their products via live streaming which ultimately accelerates the price war in the respective field.

A primary motive for selling cloud products through live streams is to easily reach out, attend, and attract small as well as medium-sized enterprises in the native region.

Starting with Huawei, the tech giant hosted around six major sessions from March 22 to April 02, 2024, at the moment of the cloud purchase festival. The company made live broadcasts with the theme “Enterprises grow fast” and put 90% off on many of its cloud products and services.

Huawei mainly focused on dropping the price of its products for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) so that they can get cheaper yet more efficient products for working on a new app or website, storing large data, or other operations.

Huawei Alibaba Chinese cloud services

Huawei Alibaba in Chinese cloud service race (Image Credits: SCMP)

Other Contenders

Competitors like Alibaba and also conducted live streamings on Sunday (March 31). During the session, the former kept its points over “the lowest prices all over the internet” subject and drew the attention of over 2.3 million viewers.

More than 1000 firms joined the Alibaba Cloud services. The latter ( also claimed to provide its products at lower prices, compared to other online retailers.

Despite fierce Chinese cloud competition, tech makers like Huawei, Alibaba, and JD are lowering the prices of their cloud services. Alibaba has significantly reduced its pricing for its 100 crore products in February this year, for their sale.

Seeing the constant drops in cloud product prices, the analyst of IDC research firm – Liu Lihui said that such reductions are indeed as well as unavoidable.

“The price cuts by cloud service providers “are inevitable as a means of [winning] competition.”

Huawei Alibaba Chinese cloud services

Huawei Alibaba in Chinese cloud service race (Image Credits: SCMP)

(Source – SCMP)

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