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Huawei AITO M9 crossed 60000 units in 86 days of launch



Huawei AITO M9 60000 units

Huawei AITO M9 is constantly climbing new heights in terms of sales and has exceeded over 60000 units within 86 days of launch. The new SUV jointly developed by Huawei and SERES is getting full attention in the Chinese automobile market.

Last month, the AITO firm revealed that the newly launched Wenjie M9 has reached 50,000 and now it has crossed 60000 units – thanks to the advanced Huawei car solutions, luxurious appearance, and innovative features of the smart vehicle.

Eventually, the overall sales of the Huawei AITO M9 smart car resulted in 300 million yuan in revenue. This is no less than a surprise for both Huawei and SERES.

During the launch of AITO Wenjie M9, the CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group – Yu Chengdong called the respective model the ‘King of Technology Cars’ and said that the product is capable of receiving 1000 daily orders.

Huawei AITO M9 60000 units

Huawei AITO M9 (Credits: MyDrivers)


Huawei AITO M9 measures 5230mm x 1999mm x 1800mm with 3110mm wheelbase. It arrives in five colors along with three dual color combinations. It boosts from 0 to 100km/h in 4.3 seconds whereas 4.9 seconds for extended-range version.

The smart car has a six-seat arrangement with two independent seats in the second row and an aisle in the middle to facilitate the third section. It is made up of a Basaltic framework to provide a strong, tough, and strenghtful experience.

And let’s not forget about Huawei smart car solutions which include ADS 2.0 high-end smart driving system, the latest 192-line lidar, and high-definition cameras. Together, these components offer a safe and reliable driving experience.


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