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Huawei AITO M7 SUV launched with 6 seater luxury comfort



Huawei AITO SUV M7 successfully debuted in the Chinese market loaded with standard innovative technology that gives you a hick to position yourself a luxurious lifestyle with its intelligent large-scale electric SUV.

The successor of the SUV M5 model will redefine the six-seat space. It boasts a rich comfort, and a grandeur car’s stylish design and intelligent experience.

CEO of Huawei consumers BG stated that:

“AITO M5 has sold more than 10,000 units for the first time in 87 days, by doing that Huawei AITO has emerged as the fastest-growing smart electric vehicle brand. Celis operates a new factory to secure a delivery capacity of 300,000 a year, and the first delivery of the M7 is expected to be completed in August”

Huawei is creating the AITO brand’s commercial success with a smart choice model by helping car companies build and sell good cars and empower ICT technology. Meanwhile, AITO’s service network is growing and supports more than 300 cities nationwide with more than 180,000 public loading stacks.


From today onwards the new SUV M7 will be there in the Huawei showroom and you can take a test drive from July 23, Notably, there are 600+ Huawei stores available in the country and 122+ AITO users centers covering 109+ cities. Let’s discuss its price and features away after the official launch.

Highlights and features:

  • External parts 
    • Longitudinal space inside the car: 2605mm
    • Lenght of L113 to 422mm
  • Interior space reaches 92.4%
  • Turning radius  – 5.87m
  • Top-level audio, and video system
  • Reduces the noise power system

Huawei SUV M7

  • Zero Gravity seat
  • 21- inch 15 spoke aerodynamic wheels
  • 35dB idle speed
  • Drive motor is 200K, 360N m
  • Fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is as low as 5.8L
  • 360-degree panoramic automatic parking

  • Internal features:
    • Second-row support seat ventilation
    • Heating
    • Massage
    • Eight-way electric adjustment
    • Three rows of independent audio
    • Cup holder
    • Reading light 808mm
    • Adjustable seat

Huawei SUV M7

  • Battery:
    • 40-degree battery
    • Full charge battery life lives till 1100km
    • Pure electric battery life 200km
    • Rear-drive acceleration 7.8s- battery life 1220 km and 230km
  • Colors:
    • Mist gold
    • Azure blue
    • Pine frost green
    • Space gray
    • Ceramic white,
    • Gilt back

  • Interior color 
    • Shaohua apricot
    • Amber brown
    • Ivory white
    • Polar might
  • Price: Version 1 – 319800 Yuan
    • Version 2 – 3,39,800 Yuan
    • Version 3 – 3,79, 800 Yuan

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