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Huawei achieves Lossless Ethernet with zero packet loss



Huawei lossless Ethernet cloudengine

Huawei partnered with an authoritative evaluation organization to achieve a new breakthrough in the industry the “Ethernet Lossless” test for data center switches. The latest technology is the result of built-in Huawei’s exclusive iLossless intelligent non-destructive algorithm, which helped the company to achieve zero packet loss in the network.

Also, Huawei made some manual integration and optimization of the network and application system to get peak throughput and the lowest latency. Huawei and its partners conducted a number of tests on features, performance, delay, and packet loss rate of CloudEngine series switches.

The results show that Huawei data center CloudEngine series switches are fully capable of zero packet loss, low latency, high throughput, and high reliability for lossless networks.

Huawei CloudEngine switches passed the tests of lossless network congestion control, traffic scheduling, parameter monitoring, and reliability assurance, becoming the first manufacturer in the industry to be approved by this standard test.

Huawei lossless Ethernet cloudengine

The term Lossless Ethernet is intertwined with the Data Center Bridging protocol suite (DCB) to eliminate traffic loss within an Ethernet fabric. This traffic loss is achieved via buffer queue overflow for selected traffic profiles.

The lossless Ethernet technology has the characteristics of intelligent RDMA and network-level load balancing and achieves zero packet loss in forwarding and 98% ultra-high throughput. It can be widely used in AI and HPC scenarios.

The successful completion of the Huawei CLoudengine data center switch test demonstrates the super competitiveness of Huawei’s intelligent lossless Ethernet network solution in AI & HPC scenarios and will have a profound impact on the entire data center network field.

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