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How to add native call recording feature on Huawei Mate 20, P30 and other EMUI 9 devices



Nowadays, call recording is becoming increasingly important, with technology changing and working habits becoming more mobile. Call recording can save a lot of time by saving call information on your phone instead of calling again to confirm it or any other scenario. Addressing mobile recording is now also the subject of many financial regulators’ recommendations.

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Although, there is plenty of call recording app available on the Play store to download but now many smartphone makers are preferring an easy solution to put a quick recording feature directly on the dialing screen.

However, this feature only comes pre-installed with Huawei P30 Pro which runs on EMUI version 9.1 but Huawei/Honor phone running on EMUI 9X can also use this native call recording feature by simply installing an APK provided by Xda-developers.

This app weighs only 400kb and works without rooting your device, also the source has confirmed that this APK is completely safe and directly extracted from EMUI 9. Check the information below to install the app.

Here’s the official list of devices that will get the EMUI 9.1 update [Updated]

How to add this feature

1. First, download the app from Dropbox or File2Host, and install it.
2. Now connect a call and tap on ‘Record’ option on the calling screen, the recording will be automatically be saved in the recorder clips as the call ends.

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