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Honor opens second batch MagicOS 8 (Android 14) beta test



Honor MagicOS 8 Beta

Honor today announced the second batch of MagicOS 8 (Android 14) beta test activity including the previous year’s Magic 3, V2, and Vs2 models.

This is a closed beta test announcement, which means that the test program has limited spots for testing. Also, the test activity is only open in China and it’s not global.

In November 2023, Honor started the MagicOS 8 beta program and recruited the first batch models list consisting of Magic 5 and Magic 4 series devices.

Second batch:

MagicOS 8 is based on the Android 14 operating system and comes with a host of new features for the users. The beta users may also find this new build with a few bugs as it’s an experimental software release.

Honor is offering 3000 testing slots for each device in the announcement. The recruitment phase will remain open until January 10, 2024. Below you can check the models and their required build version to participate in this beta activity.

  • Honor Magic V2 (VER-AN10)
  • Honor Magic V2 Ultimate Edition (VER-AN20)
  • Honor Magic Vs2 (VES-AN00)
  • Honor Magic 3 (ELZ-AN00)
  • Honor Magic 3 Pro (ELZ-AN10)
  • Honor Magic 3 Ultimate Edition (ELZ-AN20)
second batch Honor magicos 8

Second Batch Honor MagicOS 8 software beta devices

These models are required to download the base MagicOS version and respectively. Also, users will have to wait until the registration application is processed by the company.

Participants can upgrade to the latest version first and then sign up for the closed beta activity. Upgrade patch: Settings->System and Updates->Software Update->Check Sign up now to participate in the update.

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